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Gingerrrrr 12-14-2008 10:46 AM

Having Horses On Own Property.
So i posted about this awhile ago asking about being land locked since my gramma has lived here for 20+ years and they have just recently changed the rule to being 3 acres for 1 horse and 1 additional acre for every other horse. it use to be 2 acres for 1 horse and 1 additional acre for every other horse. now my gramma only has like a little over 2 acres. so im *trying* to get her to go and talk to town hall and see if she could have a horse here. im going to ask my grandpa when he gets home since hes more into these things then my gramma is. but i was just wondering how much of a hassle is it to keep a horse on your own property? it would only be one horse maybe 2 if allowed. if we are only allowed one horse im deffinitely getting a goat or something to keep him company. i know they have to be fed in the morning and at night. i live about 15-20 mins away but my parents wouldnt mind driving me up a few times a week.

KANSAS_TWISTER 12-14-2008 11:55 AM

Ginger.....although keeping a horse at home is very cost cutting it is also very time chores take up to a hour at a time at each feed.....that's great that you want to keep your horse at your grandparents....but....who will feed it daily?....if your grandparents can't get out to feed who can do it daily (not knowing how old your grandparents are) they have a fenced in area? a hay shed? a run in?, just all the thing's you have to think of...i now you said you could go out a few times a week to see the horse but unless you are ready to take care of this said horse your self every day i would board at a ridding stable

zanytactics 12-14-2008 12:22 PM

I have always had my horses at home, except for now since I moved out of my parents house. I boarded one horse for a few months while I leased her out to a young girl I was working with. I hated boarding. I would much rather have to spend the extra time taking care of the horses vs boarding. But you do have to be deciated because they need you whether your sick or not. It's a huge responsibility to take on. I love having the personal time with mine. I still go everyday to clean and feed. My mom feeds in the am or Pm and I do the other.

Snowyowl 12-14-2008 06:22 PM

Hi, We have our own place and keeping horses is a daily job. You have to check them every day. You also have to check water troughs everyday. Check the horse for injuries. Check the fences for broken place. I have learned horses are a lot like kids let them be alone and they get into trouble. Plus you have the pleasure for watching them play or just walking around eating. After a long day at work it relaxing. There is a lot more but I think it's so worth it.

Vidaloco 12-14-2008 07:13 PM

Don't get me wrong I love having my horses at home. But some days after doing all the care that needs done, feeding, watering, brushing, feet cleaning, the cleaning up horse poo, general repairs and maintenance. I don't have the energy to ride, but I do it anyway because I have to. I feel horses need to be ridden regularly not just left in a lot or pasture. So then the riding even becomes work. Its easy for a joy to turn into drudgery when you have to do it.
I smell like horse most of the time and not the good smell you get when you board your horse and just go visit. I mean horse poo and urine. Especially if its a windy day and the manure is dry and it blows back in your face and hair.... yuck!
Then I go for a ride and its a pretty day and Vida is a dear loving horse and it makes it all worth while :D It takes work to get there though.

my2geldings 12-14-2008 10:53 PM

I've kept horses on my own property most of my life and only been boarding over the last couple years. Tho there are many bonuses (cost wise mainly) to keep horses at home, you also end up being alone which is one reason why I love boarding. I like to know that regardless of the weather I can ride and not have to worry about anything. Also have access to wash racks, tack rooms etc etc. As I posted to tho, you no longer have the big expense of board. There are more perks but you don't live on the property in question so it wouldn't make a difference.
Which one do I prefer? 110% boarding regardless of the expense.

KANSAS_TWISTER 12-15-2008 01:49 AM

Vida and M2G make a very good point.....horses are a every day chore when having them at home....i also agree with M2G with having people to ride with when boarding.....i never thought of it untill she mentioned it, when boarding i had tones of freinds from the barn to ride i feel like i'm on a island...have to load up a horse and take it some where else to ride with a friend

FancyAppy 12-15-2008 05:26 AM

Having our horses at home after 5 years of boarding is wonderful in many ways. It is alot of work but that is ok. but I do miss being around all the horsey people and all the activity of a boarding facility.I learned alot from the others there and I do miss the social aspect of boarding.

appylover31803 12-15-2008 04:40 PM

I believe a house can only be grandfathered in IF there are already horses on the property. If there aren't and the laws change, I don't think there is anything you can do.

QtrHorse 12-16-2008 01:57 AM

I agree, having horses at home is a big responsibility.
Just a quick comment.....horses are herd animals and should not be kept alone. Agreed that there are many people who have done it without problem. There are always exceptions to the rule. However, a goat is not an acceptable companion and you should get an equine friend such as a pony, donkey or perhaps another older horse in retirement to provide a "friend" for your horse.

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