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Roadyy 05-14-2013 11:33 AM

Another breed request
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I am not familiar with saddlebred or standardbred horses and was told at one point she was a standie. Then had the farrier out to do her feet and she mentioned her being a saddlebred. Someone please give me some insight on her and the difference between the two. Thanks in advance.

Here are a few pics of her.
Attachment 185250

Attachment 185258

Attachment 185266

TheLastUnicorn 05-14-2013 12:37 PM

She definitely has some Saddlebred look to her.

The Saddlebred was created primarily through breeding Thoroughbreds and Pacers (which includes Standardbred) to be the ultimate riding horse which could double as a farm horse, family horse and go-for-a-Sunday drive horse... They were bred to have easy riding gaits, lots of endurance, athletic ability and great temperments. They were often favored by plantation owners because of their striking good looks and their gaits made them easy to ride all day long, they became popular light cavalry mounts during the American Civil War, and later popular in all sports - but especially jumpers. Now the breed is probably best known for their success in the Saddleseat and driving disciplines - though you can still find purebreds and crosses competing in most disciplines in some areas. There are 3 gaited and 5 gaited members of this breed, though it is pretty rare to find a truly naturally "gaited" Saddlebred (usually trainers will take a horse which shows some ability and train them to gait rather than the horses being born "gaited")... Whether 3 or 5 gaited every Saddlebred has the ability to Walk, Trot and Canter... The 5 gaited ones also can be taught to Slow Gait and Rack. They are often easily spotted for their long graceful looking necks, high neck set, tippy ears, scopey movement and flatter croup.

This is my young (3yr old) Saddlebred stud colt Ivory Echo

One of my Mares, Taking Chances

This was after an open division show (all breed entries) with a young rider. I think they ribboned in every class they entered (Chance doesn't look impressed though...)

The Standardbred is best known for "sulky racing"... The breed has some which are trotters and others which are pacers, and each compete on the racetrack according to gait. The Standardbred is often thought of as rather "homely" looking, but are usually graced with fabulous temperments and solid minds. After the track they can be quite successful as riding horses. Standardbreds are sometimes coarser looking than Saddlebreds (I say sometimes because some are really very pretty), and often have a coarse looking head, but usually are quite intelligent "handy" and willing to try. Pacers can have difficulty learning to canter correctly, but they can also be taught additional riding gaits (like a running walk, and rack). If a Standardbred has been raced they will have a freeze brand on their neck for identification.

This is my friend's Standardbred mare Red Star SueSue... We call her Luna.. She is mostly a pleasure horse, but her real charm is her very incredible mind and gentleness making her a lovely horse for beginner riders.

Here is a shot showing Luna's brand... The smaller set of numbers is her racing id, the 544 is a farm identification number. (Or so we were told)

Roadyy 05-14-2013 01:18 PM

Thank you for that information.

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