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AnnaHalford 05-15-2013 09:27 PM

Which horse potentially best for Renegades?
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Looking for some input. Renegades are offering us one set of boots for our trip, which is very lovely of them (havent decided if were accepting yet, for various shipping and import reasons which are far, far too boring to go into).

Anyway. If we did accept, which horse should we choose them for? I have tried to find some photos with their feet in them, but dont have any purpose-taken. Basically, the photos wont help :lol:

1. Quillay (brown) : Good, hard corn. Tendency to long toes all round and has quite oval feet, even in front. Quite toe-out in back which wears hard on her rear shoes. Screws one hind foot as it lifts. No over-reaching. OK concavity, but if the toe comes forward then the foot flattens. Same size shoe as Minina.

2. Minina (grey): Nice round front feet, nice oval hind feet. Straight action. No over-reaching. Solid corn, tendency to long toes in the back unless kept a very careful eye on. OK concavity. Wears front toes hard, even if toe is short and with heel-first landing.

3. Canelo (bay roan half-draft) : Round feet all round, even in back. Quite flat. Ridiculously hard feet. Screws both hind feet as they lift. If not well balanced side-to-side in front, can brush the inside of one coronet band with the other foot on a stride. No overreaching. One shoe size bigger than Q and M.

4. Luna (buckskin): More fragile hoof wall, worse in front than in back (although getting better). Straight action. Went barefoot in rear for a good while, has kept good concavity front and back. Round front feet, oval hinds. No overreaching. One shoe size smaller than Q and M.

Based purely on this info and the crap photos provided, who do you think would be the most likely to do well in Renegades? (Im looking to minimise the possibility of back-and-forth shipping, and maximise the chances of having a boot that works).

My preference would be for Luna (mostly for the hoof wall issue and also because shes still an idiot about shoeing her hind feet) but the only thing is, I might be separating from Miss Loony-Pie because Im going to be doing a few months of trip solo and four horses is a lot for one person to lead!

Honeysuga 05-15-2013 09:33 PM

I agree with choosing for Luna. I think they would be great benefit to her based on your description.

AnnaHalford 05-16-2013 12:06 PM

If Luna wasnt in the picture, which horse would suit best? In terms of shape, etc.?

Trinity3205 05-16-2013 03:17 PM

SOunds to me like any of them could wear them in the front provided the trim was optimal. Id avoid using them on the back feet of horses that twist personally. Some of my clients mix n match front to back. Rennies up front and gloves or so forth in the back.

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