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mollymay 05-15-2013 11:36 PM

Taking baby steps!
I think this would be the right place for this post. So my boy and I have been working outside the arena for the past few weeks. He had never had a bit in his mouth as of last year and to now be able to ride him all over the open property feels like such a huge accomplishment! My girlfriends and I at the barn are starting to put together some real trail outing ideas and I cannot wait! :shock: haha Each time I ride Trig outside the arena we take new baby steps, last week it was going up and down a large hill on the property, the week before that it was walking alongside a country road where cars and trucks frequent. Today's venture was loping down this field next to the busy road. I know loping is dangerous in grass, but also here in Oregon we have the Pendleton round up which is done on grass, as well we were being safe and kept him at a slower lope with a decent distance from the street. Anyhoo it was a total blast and I am starting to feel like Trigger and I are really a duo instead of me and a horse, but instead me and my boy! I know lame. Anyways, what have you done to get ready for the big trails? Is it your first year trail riding or are you seasoned and able to pass along some fun and helpful tips and pointers. I didn't know riding out of the four walls of an arena could feel so amazing! :clap: All I can think of is when can I go again and try more new drills and strengthen both of our skills out in the open. :happydance:

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