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hunterjumpergirl3 05-16-2013 09:44 AM

Mare inspection for oldenburg isr and breeding questions-new to forums
Hello everyone! Ok so I know I sound silly however I am extremly new to the warmblood world. I have recently purchased a thoroughbred/hanoverian mare. Her sire is a pink papered and branded hanoverian, but he was never able to be approved at inspection because he ended up with epm. Her dam is a jockey club registered thoroughbred mare. I plan on taking my mare to isr oldenburg inspection in september of 2013. I am aware she can only be isr registered because I have no way of getting her dam's dna. This leaves me unable to prove her pedigree. My question is if she passes inspection and gets registered isr then I breed her to an approved oldenburg stallion, what does that mean the foal can be registered as? Also what does that mean for the future of breeding for the foal if it can only be registered isr? I am having some trouble understanding the difference in isr and oldenburg isr other than different books. Can an isr registered horse ever move up in the books or have certaint showing restrictions? I am not looking at selling my babies, they all will live out there lives with me and be very well taken care of. I like my mare and want to be able to keep her line and qualities going for me and my family by improving it with choice stallions. Thanks for your time!

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