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clausti 12-16-2008 04:50 PM

restarting lessons after a loong gap
Hey, all, brand new to the forum, but I had a couple questions that I wondered if y'all might have some opinion on. Here goes:

1. I took huntseat lessons in middle school for about two years, walk/trot/canter, did a bit with no stirrups and some barebacked stuff that included cantering, which was always fun. jumped to about 18 inches, no idea if I was any good at it or what.

2. since then, trail ridden only, a couple times in college with a friend, a couple with my now mother-in-law (who has horses) and a couple commercial afternoon rides, all western except for one ride with M-I-L.

Now, I'm in grad school but I can still take the riding class through the university, and I have signed up for western. (since I don't really intend to ever show horses that I can forsee, and riding with family will just about always be western), but on my riding that I've done western, I kind of have a hard time keeping my feet in the stirrups, even though I was wearing proper boots. Now I don't know anything about what kind of saddle or stirrups they are, but I have pretty small feet, so they felt kinda wide. Or, maybe my 'instinctive' position on a horse harkens back to the shorter stirrups of when I took hunt and I pull my knees up?

So any thoughts on that would be great.

Also, I'm pretty short, 5'2, and petite at ~112 pounts. And I very much prefer smaller horses. Mother in law's favorite horse is 14 hands and some change (I think), short enough that I can hop on her bareback without a mounting block if I jump pretty hard. (and sweet enough that she allows me to attempt it!) Now, I haven't met my instructor yet, but can/should I mention this to her? Or should I assume that she will see that I'm short and put me on an appropriately short horse? (/pony?) Or should I get over it?

Thanks, y'all!

Jubilee Rose 12-16-2008 08:50 PM

First, welcome to the forum! :-) I know what you mean about not being able to keep your feet in the western stirrups. It's hard for me as well. My height and weight is pretty much the exact same as yours! Lol. I find western stirrups are so much longer than English ones and some saddles only have so many holes. I think you should definitely mention it to your instructor. Afterall, its your tuition you're paying and you want to be comfortable right? I think riding a smaller horse would be your best bet and put the stirrups at the shortest hole. You still need a long leg (just a slight bend in the knee). I think it will just take a little getting used to. Relax, sit back and push those heels down deep. I'm sure you will do great! :wink:

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