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KANSAS_TWISTER 12-18-2008 02:21 AM

almost possum pie
started chores tonight after my husband went to work....(that was a mistake and suposed to be my day off since it's my birthday)...put the flash light on it's normal hook and cleaned out my 5 gal bucket i use to grain the horses.....i started to reach in to the grain been when all of a sudden i hear a hissing sound.....after dropping the feed bucket and trying to excape from the feed room as fast as i could and making half way down to the house i realised that i had to go back and find out what is i could call for help!!!!....being real brave (city girl gone country) i crawled up on to a round bale to the egde and took the other flash light out my pocket to see what had hissed at me in the feed bin!!! me it looked like a over feed rat!!!...oh great a possum.
ugh no cell phone.... curage!!! curage!!....made it from hay bale to house in record time!!, called the husband at work....(out of breath) i tell him i need help....(take in mind that he's a shirreff dept) he's ready to dispatch every thing to our farm when i muster out the fact that we have a possum in the grain bin.....dead silence....then laughter...( great that he can laugh a me) at this point i'm begging for him to dispatch animal control to take it away.....they wont come because i'm in the country...great....the dept on tonight in my area i hate and refused to let him on my i'm stuck...with a 20 some thing pound possum!!!...only then remembering that abby is in the barn i run back out to "save" her from the mean possum and put her in with star in out side this point winter fog is rolling in....with in the time it has taken me to load a clip to the .22 abby has crawl out of the pasture and is now wondering around the this point what else could go wrong????...put the rifle down and grabbed abby and put her back....grabbed the rifle and ran back to the barn.....damm possum is still there....climed up on the hay bale again, (on the advice to shoot mr possum) i stood up, took the safty off and crank the bullet in to the chamber.....oh poop...if i shoot how much grain would i loose?, cold i live with putting a hole in to the grain bin?......and oh gosh who would move the dead possum???..mike doesn't get home till 6 am..........plan B.....thinking like mcgiver at this point.....taking a lung line and slowly slipping it through the handle of the grain bin while talking to the possum like a old friend.... at this point abby and star must both think i've lost it...but i just don't want this thing to lung at me....sliping it through the end of the of the line i took it over to a post so when pulled it would fall to the side and away from me.......yeah like that worked....mean while i figure with all this running around that mr possum has eaten just about what star would of eaten tonight......i started chores about 6 p.m it was well over 10 at this point...and mr possum had to go!!!!!! i could hear the horses getting upset about not being grained being very brave i took the hay fork and slowly tipped the bin over...ran through the run in part of the barn, out the gate and along side the barn to the other end of the feed room only to se that mr possum didn't like like he wanted to that point i gave up.....went back to the house to call mike to come on his brake and deal with it........thank gosh by the time i went back t the barn to once again check on every thing mr possum had desisded that he had enough fun with me and left.......

free_sprtd 12-18-2008 02:31 AM

hahahhha oh no what a crazy night!! Sounds like you handled it just like I would have the man! hehe well good thing you didn't get bit then have rabies, we would be at such a loss without our Kansas_Twister! Hope you were able to relax after that. Night!

Appyt 12-18-2008 09:51 AM

.thank gosh by the time i went back t the barn to once again check on every thing mr possum had desisded that he had enough fun with me and left....... __________________

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was a great story.. I once had a mess of them in a dog food barrel. Mom and babies. Dumped it out and the neighbors kid shot them for me. Had one in a chicken house curled up in the nest box with dead chickens laying around. THAT ticked me off. Husband shot that one when he got home. The last one I dealt with was out in the hay barn. I had granddaughter watch it while I ran to the house for a gun. Shot him myself. ;) I'm older now. I hate those nasty things. Granddaughter got to see the difference between a "possum playing possum" and a really dead one. ;)

Vidaloco 12-18-2008 11:31 AM

Mr. Possum just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday :lol:

I went to pick up an empty feed sack a few weeks ago when it started moving. I quickly dropped it and out ran a baby kitten. Scared us both pretty good.

Angel_Leaguer 12-19-2008 09:24 AM

lol!!!!! thanks for the great story.

wanderlust 12-19-2008 10:13 AM

Happy Birthday! what a fun surprise you got.

Dumas'_Grrrl 12-19-2008 10:34 AM

ROTFL.....Oh you POOR thing!!! hahahahahaha

I once had my dog bring me a smallish possum as a "gift". She brought it up to the deck and dropped it by the door. I couldn't believe what she did!!! I yelled for the hubby to come and see what Bear brought me!....Only...The possum wasn't DEAD!!!! It was just...well...Playing possum!!!!

So here I was in a long t-shirt with nothing else on...standing on my deck at 11pm at night, with my hubby about 50 yards down the driveway looking at ???? and I start yelling for him to come back and kill this danged wretched critter!!!! Bill couldn't figure out what I was saying in all my yelling and anxiety and the possum was coming for me.....I didn't even have shoes on!!!! I was trapped with a .22 rifle in my hand up against the railing of the deck (couldn't jump off the deck it was a 8 ft drop off)with the possum between me and the house....I couldn't shoot...I would have been shooting TOWARDS my house!!!!

Well long story short...after Bill WALKED to the house to see what I was hollering about he just started LAUGHING at me as he just stomped his feet and the possum took off down from the deck and took off into the woods.......

I am now the official "possum hunter"......I can't stand those creepy overgrown rats.......*shudders*.......I feel your pain KT......

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