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Remali 12-20-2008 02:05 PM

My mare Autumn Dove
Here are a couple pictures of her. Right now it is up in the air whether or not I will be able to keep her, I lost my job a few months back, and unemployment isn't getting me very far. Hoping to avoid giving her up tho. She is a 3 year old AQHA.

Vidaloco 12-20-2008 02:08 PM

She is such a pretty girl. I hope things pick up for you soon and you don't have to give her up :-(

Pinto Pony 12-20-2008 02:48 PM

Best of luck and I hope things get better soon. She is a lovely colour.

FGRanch 12-20-2008 05:20 PM

I hope things work out for both you and her! She is stunning!

Spider 12-20-2008 05:21 PM


Remali 12-20-2008 06:41 PM

Thanks! I hope I can keep her too, I've had a few promising interviews in the past two weeks so I've got my fingers crossed, I just adore her. I've always liked roans and I was so happy when I found her, plus she is very sweet and willing. The last picture is Dove with a friend of mine, meeting for the first time.

Here are a couple more pics.

RusticWildFire 12-21-2008 12:38 AM

She's adorable :) She looks very sweet. I hope things work out so you can keep her!

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