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katieandduke 12-20-2008 10:10 PM

The Rider's Fitness Program
has anyone used or is using the rider's fitness program? i ordered the book yesterday but after more research about it; many people are saying they dont like it because it requires for you to belong to a gym.. but there is a few people that says they just make stuff or improvise.. the hand weights, wrists and ankle weights and exercise ball i can buy but the other stuff people say you must have(i.e. bench? (whatever that is :p), and an inclined board(not exactly sure what that is either) i cant get. i dont belong to a gym nor do i want to :p, i have absolutely no time to belong to one. i really want to do all the exercises at home so i was just wondering if any of you use it and have yall built anything to improvise something that a gym has?? ask me to explain more if you dont understand. once i get the book this week ill repost and tell you what all i will need to improvise.. thanks guys for the help!

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