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KiwiRyder 12-21-2008 12:20 PM

Got me a job in polo - Wicked Cool!!!
Well I lost my job a little while ago, was working in an office. Have been making little extra cash with horses cause I am stubborn and since it's summer here no matter what I am not working indoors I will garden or drive a forklift before I sit in front a computer tinking away bored staring with figures, enquires and grumpy co-workers/clients. But work isn't so available to me anymore due to track I used to ride track at being shut down and closet miles away plus everyone is just broke. I was schooling a few horses for friends etc and even doing a few pretrainers, but all quietly fell away. But we were surviving me and my furbabies hehe.
But I had enquired about this job at least a month ago was gone, but they needed someone to fill in for 3 weeks over the holidays not ideal but at least this way I can afford to go out with my friends on new years!
The yard is fantastic it is pretty much is the polo grounds for Auckland, and heaps if not most games played there, and at the other grounds just up the road(part of our club) those grounds are international play worthy and even had some eventing there must of been trials cause huge cross country fences.
But yeah pretty certain I am really going to enjoy polo grooming, very fun and cool working environment, plus the mindset and way things are done with the horses really suit me and my methods. I groomed for a lady that did inhand with ponies and her daughters rode, we often didn't see eye to eye as she had a very softly softly way with dealing with the ponies but not surprised when I finished for the season with her I got word of her new colt trampling her and one of the girls show ponies reared over on one of her daughters. The frustration I had been working really hard with both those ponies ohhh anywho getting side tracked and frustrated now hehe sorry.
So any polo people hiding out there? I know very little about polo but am thrilled to learn and experience another element of the horse world always intrigued by the fact that essentially we take the "same" animal and add our own twists - polo, show jumping, western etc horses are just amazing and you never stop learning around them.

Kentucky 12-21-2008 06:32 PM

Congrats on the new job and best of luck. you may find a career, stranger than have happened.

I heard this from somebody about a career: Find something you would pay to do and find somebody to pay you too do it.

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