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megansthehorse 12-21-2008 02:50 PM

Got 2 shetlands (need breaking from beginning)
hey all,

i got 2 shetlands yesturday. they are only 9 months old and they have been brought like from a field (wild) to just been banged in a box, passported and then like sent to auction, so i had to get them into stable by myself.they need bringing on and i just wanted to know the best way to bring them on and the best way for them to pick their feet up and to allow little kids to be around them and to do whatever with them.

i will get pics of them tomorrow, i tried getting some today but they kept sprinting round the indoor pen


LizAndCollin101 12-21-2008 06:10 PM

First get their trust. Get them to trust you lots of grooming, talking , pampering etc. and then introduce the children lol.
What we always do with our horses is get my sisters who are really loud! and put them with a flighty horse and after a week they get used to it all.
However if there really wild obviously you wouldnt trust putting someone's children in there!
Just being around them all the time however and just getting them used to loud noises etc. will quiten them and eventually you will be able to do anything with them

Thats my short version of my training of horses.

If you need any more help or detailing, just ask :)

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