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starlinestables 12-21-2008 05:57 PM

Boarder Vent
Ok. I'm probably over -reacting because my son is sick and I've been up since 3:30 this morning... but I just have to vent a little about one of my boarders.

She is from Calgary (and I'm in TX) so it could be a difference in culture.. but she finally arrives today and nicely "gripes". She's like I brought her in and gave her hay (which is in my rules.. please don't give horses extra hay its expensive and they get plenty.. and her horse typically is wasteful of hay anyways.) and says "I just feel so bad for her she looks sooo skinny. Oh and all the water is frozen."

First of all, your horse came here skinny and your horse has only been here 2 1/2 weeks. You can't expect me to work miracles. I feed expensive feed, and for skinnier horses I go the extra mile and feed them with feed bags. Secondly, it's 20 degrees outside and the wind is blowing 40 miles an hour so yes, buckets and troughs will be icy. We break the ice twice a day when we feed, and their stall buckets get dumped if there is any ice.

I sent out an email letting everyone know my policy on watering because I don't want them to freak out... I don't use auto waterers in my pastures (my horses rip them out) and you will frequently see low water in the troughs because I don't like to dump out full troughs and get the pastures all muddy and slippery. I spray them out and scrub them when they get low (not empty!) and refill them which is every 4 days or so which means horses have CLEAN water. During those 4 days, I have a net and swift through water. Buckets are the same way.. but if they are dirty I will usually dump and spray them out anyway.

For this particular boarder, I took a $100 deposit and held her stall for a month and a half!! I waited up and then ended up waking up at 2 am to recieve her horse from the shipper, take off her shipping gear and get her settled (at no charge even though I have a 9 month old and it was very inconvenient!) Her horse ran me over so I've worked with her horse pretty much every day and now she is very well behaved and will back everywhere with the slightest wiggle of the rope FOR FREE.

The reason I charge $275 is because of the incovenience of constant construction.. We are ever improving our facilities but all horses still receive a very high standard of care and horse safe facilities. YES her horse is in the smaller paddock with another gelding (and they get extra hay) but its only temporary because we are re-doing a section of fence and we don't want her horse to get hurt.

Ok I'm done venting.. I should really charge more if I'm going to put up with this BS.

Angel_Leaguer 12-30-2008 08:08 AM

WOW... sounds like you are having fun.

Where I board now the BO had to tell boarders to leave because they were stealing hay as well. The horses were grained twice a day (with a very nice custom mix) and each was given atleast a half a bale a day of good grass/alfalfa mix. The problem was the owners were riding the horses really hard (almost everyday and would run, run, run)

So the BO told them that they should ease up on the riding or pay more for additional food. Then they bought another horse (so a total of three) and the horse was skinny to begin with. They again started accusing her of not feeding the horses and started stealing again. So she told them to leave. They came when they knew she wouldnt be home and took her barrels and poles and some buckets and stuff. They also dumped a TB on her... but they are gone atleast.

Maybe you need to have a good "tell her like it is" talk and if she doesnt like it then either ask her to leave or raise board. You dont need to deal with that BS

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