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appylover31803 12-23-2008 07:53 PM

Pros and Cons of leasing
I have realized that right now I don't have time to exercise both Vega and Montana, so I've been thinking about leasing her out to someone.

I would like to have either an intermediate or advanced rider, ride her (If I find an intermediate person, they'll have to have a trainer) 18 years+ in age

I haven't talked to my BO yet so I'd have to get her permission (I think anyways...)
Board for Vega is currently $375 plus 7% sales tax.
She just had her feet trimmed (12/23) $45
Plus vet costs (she'll need her teeth floated and spring shots)

What would be a fair price?
should we split the cost 50/50 or could the person leasing pay for everything?
It would be a full lease so they would come up 5 days a week.
It's on site only
Not sure if I want her to leave the property (ie for showing or trails) I still have to think about it.

Is it normal for the person who owns the horse to supply all the tack? (I'm in the process of selling my saddle, and I only have 1 bit and 1 bridle....)

Any info/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Spastic_Dove 12-23-2008 08:19 PM

When I leased, it was $150 a month. I didn't pay for any vet bills or anything and I could ride whenever. I could leave to property with permission from the owners. They supplied the tack because it was when I was first starting riding but once I bought my own I just used my own.

When I leased my horse, it was in exchange for board. They used my tack. They could leave the property with my permission. I paid for all vet/farrier/etc.

They were really bad leasers though so it didn't last too long and they broke/stole a lot of my stuff. So maybe if you have an old beater saddle they could use?

I definitly agree with needing to have a trainer/take lessons. Also, specify it is an individual lease, not for the whole family. They would try and ride Diesel all day before I freaked out.

appylover31803 12-23-2008 10:07 PM

The barn where I board is a small private place, so everyone's that there owns a horse.

I don't have an old saddle they could use. I only have mine which is almost sold.

I know Vega has been good, but I dont want someone trying to train her.. i would rather have them work with a trainer.

Thanks so much for the answer Spastic!

MirrorStage2009 12-26-2008 07:10 PM

If your offering Vega as a Full Lease, 5 days, then the leasee should be paying everything! 100% of board, tax (why do some places in NJ charge tax anyways?!? Never got that...?)farrier, vet, dental, et cetera.

I totally get what you say about not wanting them to train her, just make sure you approve of and get references for their trainer, and assert the fact that the trainer is at their own cost! And watch them BOTH work with Vega!

I think normally, and best case scenerio, is you supply the horse's own tack. Mostly because then you know it fits her properly. There's no issue of ill-fitting tack and the chance of injury to either horse or rider. However, make sure you include a clause in your lease agreement about what tack is to be used and what isn't, and how the tack is to be treated (i.e...cleaned after every use) and stored, and that if it breaks it is THEIR responsibilty to fix or replace it. If you allow them to use their own, make sure you fit it to Vega first. And again, get in writing that you are not responsible for that person's tack should it break or get stolen, et cetera...

And personally, I don't like the idea of allowing a leasee to remove your horse from the property. I'm totally paranoid like that. :shock: On different levels though...1.) Whose to say your horse will come back? and 2.) it opens up a whole new window of "Things that can go wrong and kill people and/or horse", yah know? IF YOU DO...make sure the leasee and horse are insured (which I'd insure your horse and yourself anyway...for the horse I would ask they pay half, if not all...With the insurance I ask partial because no matter what kind of lease, YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR horse's health, yah know? You should always be checkin' up on her health and happiness). Also, if you do, again make sure it's written "at their own cost" for trailer or other fees.

I'd only allow removal (like showing opportunities) of your horse from your property after at least 6 months of continuous lease if you like and trust the person and the lease is working out 100% for all involved. I mean, unless you already know the person. :wink:

And I cannot stress enough, get absolutely everything in writting and have numerous signed copies for every party involved, including your BO. Best way to avoid (God forbid) possible future problems!

G'luck! And if you know anyone up where you live, TJ's also still available. I'd be willing to move him to a closer facility as well. There's a few up your way I can look into. :-)

Happy Holidays!!

appylover31803 12-26-2008 07:32 PM

Thank you so much for writing that Holly!

I'm way to paranoid to let her off the property, unless I go too (ie, trail rides. Not sure how well she'd do in a show...)

I would have Vega's bridle, and her bit, just not a saddle. Hopefully, with all this extra Christmas money I have, I'll have a new saddle.. or maybe I'll get 2 used ones. I'll have to see.

I would absolutely get everything in writing, just in case. and I'm still going to like keep tabs on Vega (like when she is due next for trimmings, floating, etc.)

I'll keep my eyes out for someone who would want to lease TJ.

I dont know why some barns charge tax and others dont.

MirrorStage2009 12-26-2008 07:54 PM

No prob. I've been leasing or trying to lease out TJ for awhile and I'm a big thinking, highly paranoid fuss-bucket. :lol: So I've been through it.

I'll keep my eyes and ears open and let you know if I find anyone suitable for Vega! :D

As for the barns, I always thought it was the big "Equestrian Center" types listed as an actual buisness, but a lot of private people do it too?!? And then I don't see what's taxable in horse care? Idunno...stupid New Jersey! Heh! :wink:

BeauReba 12-26-2008 08:24 PM

If I was riding 5 days a week I would assume it's a full lease and would be prepared to pay everything - with the exception of major surgery or something like that.

and to answer "why do some places in NJ charge tax anyways?!? Never got that...?" Boarding stables are businesses. If they are run legally as legit businesses then they are charged tax by the government like any business! It's best to charge it to cover your butt incase the tax man comes after you...!

my2geldings 12-28-2008 03:20 PM

It depends. You can do do 50/50 or you can do a full lease. If you do a full lease then I would be expecting the leaser to pay everything in full. I have never leased a horse so I honestly don't know anything about the legality of things if injury occurs. Do you currently have insurance on either horse? If you do, you should have some medical coverage under there as well. Good Luck :)

appylover31803 12-28-2008 03:41 PM

I currently do not have Vega insured, but if I do go through with leasing her, than yes I will most definitely get her insured.

I'm going to hold off until the spring to make a final decision.

rosie9r 12-29-2008 09:56 PM

When I leased, I had paid 180 a month and had any day I wanted to ride unless the owner called me first if she wanted to go out. (I didnt see her in the 2 years I leased.) I also had to supply my own liability insurance which was 400 a year. I know that 180 for a 7 day a week lease is soo lucky to find in California.

Look around on craigslist at the lease pricing. That might help.

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