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Manon 05-21-2013 10:32 AM

Hi from France !
Hello !
My name is Manon and I live in France. Sorry I don't speak English very well, I'm here to practice so feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. I hope my English won't bother you.
I have a half pony/half horse ^^ his name is Rollmops !

I'm a harness maker (I don't know if it's the good word). I count on you to help me with the traduction of the equipment of the horse !
I do things like this :

I know the world "side pull" because it's the word we use in french :lol: but I don't know how to say for the rest.

morganarab94 05-21-2013 11:12 AM


Left Hand Percherons 05-21-2013 12:38 PM

You must show us pictures of your harness.

I lived in Paris for 5 years as a kid. My dad was with the American embassy. We attended the Lycee International in St Germain. Mastering a second or third language as most French kids have to do is no small feat. No need to apologize. I never got anywhere close to being able to write that well in french.

Manon 05-21-2013 02:43 PM

Thanks !
I put pictures of my work in my first message, I don't know if you see them ? In french my job is "sellier harnacheur" or "bourrelier", I find "harness maker" as translation but I dont' know if it's the same ?

French is difficult, I know many french who can't write correctly their own language lol. At school I "learned" English, Spanish, Russian and Latin. After I graduated from high school I suck at all these languages !! I never was a good student but I learned English on my own by looking movies and tv show (series ?) in English with sub titles :) So I understand English but it's difficult for me to write it (that's why I hope to learn here).

my2geldings 05-21-2013 02:58 PM

Bienvenue Manon!

Manon 05-21-2013 03:01 PM

Merci :) Toi qui parles français, tu saurais me donner la traduction de sellier ?

PaintHorseMares 05-21-2013 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by Manon (Post 2578993)
Merci :) Toi qui parles français, tu saurais me donner la traduction de sellier ?

As you wrote in your original post, harness maker is the correct translation.
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HorseLovinLady 05-21-2013 10:51 PM

Welcome!! Your English is great!

Paintlover1965 05-21-2013 11:21 PM

Bonjour Manon! Je parle français aussi. Welcome to the Forum. Il y a beaucoup d'information très utile ici au forum. Sellier is a saddle or harness maker. So, it's correct as the OP said. Encore, bienvenue and hope you enjoy the Forum.

Paintlover1965 05-21-2013 11:22 PM

By the way, your leather goods are very nice!

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