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Vidaloco 12-24-2008 05:19 PM

Happy Birthday Moomoo!
I looked and didn't see a happy happy for you so if there is another just consider yourself special

TaMMa89 12-24-2008 06:20 PM


Have a great day!

moomoo 12-24-2008 06:54 PM

Aww thankies! I wasn't forgotten! :D I had a driving lesson today!!
Merry christmas tomorrow everyone :-P

moomoo 12-24-2008 07:11 PM

EEK! Its 11.10pm and I am lying by the xmas tree with all the presents waiting for my sister to get back so I can open my presents! Its nearly not my birthday anymore!!

RusticWildFire 12-24-2008 07:22 PM

Happy Birthday!

buckaroo2010 12-24-2008 10:40 PM

Happy Birthday!:-)

gotxhorses 12-25-2008 01:38 PM

Happy one day late birthday! :)

moomoo 12-25-2008 01:42 PM

Thank you :D

Gingerrrrr 12-25-2008 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by gotxhorses (Post 216982)
Happy one day late birthday! :)

i second that. :D

moomoo 12-25-2008 03:32 PM

Thank you :-P i feel special :D

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