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Sunny 05-22-2013 12:49 PM

All of this to help a horse I hate! (Long, pointless story... with pictures!)

This is more or less my complain thread to whine about all of my woes and injuries last week! :-P

So it all started last Tuesday. I had a great ride on my goober and was taking a breather before I started working. Suddenly, a boarder/fellow worker runs in saying, "Get the wire cutters." :shock: You never want to hear those words!

So we grab them and go out to see what's wrong. It's Dove:

Really cute Morgan mare. I can't stand her. She is spooky, she leads horribly, and gave me crap one day when I was working a barn birthday party! Overall I just don't like her. :lol: HOWEVER, I will never not help a horse unless I'm in danger... Too bad I didn't see the danger lurking around the corner.....

She had been pawing at the fence and gotten the fence jammed between her shoe and her hoof. The fence (Centaur) is very safe, almost too safe. The horses just don't respect it. Anyway, it is rubber coated wire so when I say jammed, I mean JAMMED. There was no pulling it out.

So, we go to cut the wire and... our cutters are dull as a butter knife. None of us could get them to cut. So, we grab a phone and call Good-Ol'-Willy, a man who works out at the barn every now and then. He lives close by so he was going to drive over with some sharp wire cutters real quick.

So, we're waiting on Willy to get here and Dove is looking awful. She is shaking, sweating, and beginning to panic. She was losing her balance, so I had to brace against her with my back to keep her from falling. Not an easy job!

With every pull she was cutting her hoof, chewing it up more and more. Willy finally gets to the barn. YAY! All's good, right?

So he cuts the wire on both sides and she is free. Now all we have to do is pull the wire out from under her shoe. This is where I come in.

So, like I said, this puppy is jammed in there. I start working at it. I wiggle it from side to side to loosen it up and it is working. I know it needs a really strong pull to get it out, so I use all of my might and BAM! It's out! .....out of Dove's hoof and straight into my arm. The crook of my elbow.

Not bad, huh? Just a little nick? Psh, I wish. It went in over three inches and hit a vein. My reflex pulled it right back out and the blood followed, rushing like Niagra Falls. There was actually a blood trail for a few feet until a barn friend yelled at me to "Plug it up!" with my thumb.

It didn't hurt for a few minutes, but oh man.... When the adrenaline wore off that sucker burned like hell. I sat there joking with barn friends about how awesome the blood looked oozing from my arm while I got doctored up with betadine and vet wrap.

I headed to the doctor to get cleaned up with human medical supplies along with a tetanus shot.

With the puncture wound along with the tetanus shot pain, I was pretty much immobile for about two days.

The doc put me on antibiotics which did a great job at keeping infection at bay. They also did a great job at making me look like I had Measles.

So, turns out I am allergic to Sulfa-drugs! Yay!

So, I'm immobile, itchy, and now I am really starting to hurt in my right ribcage.
What on Earth....?

Intercostal strain.
In other words, while I was holding up the 900 pound animal I hate, I strained a muscle in between two of my ribs.

So, even more immobile....

But I did manage to take a picture of the culprit....

That's what I jammed three inches into my arm. Think I should sue Centaur?

Anyway. My arm is doing great. The rib muscle is still killing me. I can barely sleep and haven't taken a deep breath in almost a week.

All of this.... all of this pain and misery... for a horse I don't even like. Who, by the way, is doing just fine. :wink:

GamingGrrl 05-22-2013 01:03 PM

Oh jeez! Somehow it just kept getting worse and worse for you! I'm glad you and the horse are both okay!
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Dustbunny 05-22-2013 01:23 PM

Well, it sounds like you have kept a bit of a sense of humor.
I hope the owner of the horse at least said Thank You.
The barn needs to replace those fence cutters.

Enjoy the rest...and three cheers for you for doing the right thing, even if you did get the worst end of the deal. : )

Sunny 05-22-2013 01:31 PM

Thank you guys!

I am actually moving my horse, therefore quitting my job there, and boy am I looking forward to only having to take care of my own horse! At least next time I gouge myself it will be for a horse I already kill myself for. :wink:

Oh, and the owner of Dove is actually the BO. I didn't get a direct "thank you" but she has been checking in on my arm so I'm sure she's aware of my pain and suffering caused by her Devil horse. :lol:

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