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LuvMyPerlinoQH 05-22-2013 04:36 PM

Bourbons Foal
Bourbon had her foal Monday around 4 am a pretty bay/brown rabicino filly with a small star she is thriving well has found her feet today and is running around like crazy I just wanted to let yall have a look at her.

MGTS 05-22-2013 04:39 PM

what a cutie little girl!

NdAppy 05-22-2013 04:40 PM

Cutie for sure! Not seeing any rabicano though.

LuvMyPerlinoQH 05-22-2013 04:43 PM

She has a skunk tail and her back has some roaning Dually is a rabicino too

Poseidon 05-22-2013 05:56 PM

That just looks like foal fluff on her tail.

LuvMyPerlinoQH 05-22-2013 06:33 PM

Its much more noticeable in person. Her reg name (pending) will be HighBrow' Kentucky Blend

2horses 05-22-2013 06:45 PM

She's adorable!

LuvMyPerlinoQH 05-22-2013 07:57 PM

Thank you she is very personable we've haltered picked up feet tomorrow we will try the leading thing. She is a smart one I still need to come up with a barn name lol needs to be called more than Little girl

Merlot 05-22-2013 11:16 PM

cute cute cute love the colour :-)

dbarabians 05-23-2013 11:17 PM

That does not appear to be a skunk tail.
My rabicano filly has much more white in her tail and most foals have different shades in their manes and tails.
I also do not see any white hairs on her midsection.
She might get them later but I fail to see it now.
Cute foal and good luck with her. Shalom

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