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Crossescowgirl 05-22-2013 11:33 PM

Looking for a good barrel prospect
Hi, so i have been barrel racing since i was like 5 years old, and would like to get another horse seeings how i only have yearlings now and want to run my own horse, i cant afford to buy a seasoned barrel horse which is no problem because i have trained
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Crossescowgirl 05-22-2013 11:35 PM

Barrel horses before. But i was wondering what you guys thought of the different breeds do you think that other horses besides Quarter horses and throughbreds could make wining times?
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aforred 05-23-2013 12:52 AM

I run appaloosas, so I would say YES! But a lot of the appy barrel horses have a lot of QH and TB in them. Paints are another good option to look at. I guess a lot of it has to do with how competitive you want to be, and on what kind of circuit. I just got my 5 year old appy mare to the point where I can send her off to the trainer for her barrel/pole foundation, and I picked her up for under $1500. I have a friend who is a "breed snob" and he tells me all the time how great a horse she will turn into. He wouldn't mind owning her, so I know she's good, LOL.

BarrelracingArabian 05-23-2013 12:59 AM

I agree apps, paints, appendix quarters and quarters all are great options just depends where you want to go. Also depends on your budget, I found quite a few well bred, barrel started quarter horses for under 4000 unluckily for me they are all way out of my traveling range.

Crossescowgirl 05-23-2013 12:59 AM

Awsome! I dream of going pro one day after high school is finished but for now i just want to be competitive in high school rodeo, but i do have one ex pro barrel horse and a horse trained by jane melby that i am allowed to use so i dont need one soon
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Crossescowgirl 05-23-2013 01:01 AM

Thanks! I dont need a horse that is started i like to put my own foundation on And would spend prob around 2500
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BarrelracingArabian 05-23-2013 01:04 AM

Ya I was just saying in general. It really depends there is a 6 yr old I found I really liked started, roped off of etc for 3500. Good luck on our search :).

Crossescowgirl 05-23-2013 01:05 AM

That sounds awsome thanks for all your help!
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