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ItsTooGreen 05-24-2013 01:10 AM

Worried about bonding with the mare I've just begun to part-board
Hello everyone!

Although I may not be exactly new to the horse world with several years experience riding and working around farms, I most certainly am new to part boarding and the opportunity to spend so much time with one particular horse.
I've just finished my first year at University, and having come home for the summer months, I knew it was time to get back into riding.

I've just begun part boarding a 9 y/o thoroughbred mare, who is absolutely beautiful and such a sweetheart. She hasn't been ridden in a little while, and I've been coming to spend time with her almost every day, as she is very close to where I live. I talk to her, spend a lot of time grooming her, and have been working on calming her down, as she has just recently moved into her new home less than two weeks ago.

What I'm most worried about is how things will be at the end of summer.. I love this horse dearly, and I've only been working with her for the past week, and I'm worried how going back to school in the fall will affect the both of us.
Once classes start again, I will only be able to come home to see her once a week, if even, and I don't know how she will adapt, as I'm currently the only person working with her.

Will she be okay? The idea of disrupting our schedule and flow, and the mental image of seeing her waiting at the gate for me on days I will not be there breaks my heart.

I guess, ultimately, I'm just looking for someone to guide me and tell me their own experience with getting attached to their four legged partner and having to say goodbye such a short time later.

Any and all replies will be appreciated!

BarrelracingArabian 05-24-2013 02:46 AM

Yes she will be fine. Horses don't think like humans, they aren't worried about you coming back every day, in fact most are perfectly content being left alone( with other companions). If she is the type of horse who thrives off of beig worked regularly then she may not be the best fit but I don't see any problem with it. My 4 yr old can sit weeks and while he is totally loving when he sees me he is content to just chill with the other horses.

I was leasing a 6 yr old mare worked with her several times a week getting her ready to barrel race only for the owner to get sketchy and I ended up having to step down and walk away. It is hard but honestly the horse will be fine it'll hurt you more then them.

usandpets 05-24-2013 05:54 AM

First off, horses are not emotional like humans. She will fair better than you.

Horses do like routine but do adjust well. Some horses do like attention more than others. Some do get attached or bond to a specific person.

One of our mares had a bond with a friend of ours. She liked it when our friend rode because she was allowed to open up and run. She would nicker when she saw our friend and come to the gate. The friend would stop coming for a while and our horse would actually ignore our friend when she finally did come out. She acted like she didn't want to have anything to do with the friend. After a little while of being groomed and handled, she would break down and be lovey with our friend like she normally was. The friend has now quit coming out at all and our mare is just fine.

Another mare we have loves attention. She is pregnant, at least we and others are pretty sure she is. So she gets handled, loved on and fed away from the others. As soon as she hears us in the morning, or if we go outside, she stands by the gate and waits for her attention. Some days she stands by the gate even if its not feeding time and looks at the house like aren't you coming out to see me? If we don't, she walks off and start grazing.

So long answer short, the horse will be fine. You on the other hand will have "withdrawals." But you will be ok too in time. 😉
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