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chika1235 01-01-2009 10:25 AM

when can i use pads?
i just got my new tn walker motown magerette and i was wondering when to teach her with the pads.shes almost 2 and shes got great bloodlines,prides generator,motown magic,ebonys hack saw,go boys black fury and more! im not opposed to pads like other poeple are because all my freinds and i use them in a non abusive way.i just put pads on my horses and really light chain.the cause of pads getting a bad name is because i think that people use 12 mm chains and i rubs the skin off and causes immense me because ive always gotten older horses with the pads already on wanting to show my horse in the shows but i want to know what plantaion pleasure is?as ive always gone trail riding before and rarely shows.thnx.

walkinthewalk 01-01-2009 11:05 AM

Here's a link to some of the rules I found on the Net. I don't know where they came from or how old they are, but it should give you some idea of what Plantation Pleasure is.


TWHBEA is involved in youth programs and also has a Versatility program.


If you have always been a trail rider and are not familiar with an EXCELLENT farrier in terms of putting packages (same thing as pads) on a horse, and that person can instruct you on an exercise program for the horse because it can't be turned out in pasture, I am suggesting to forget the pads and keep your very well bred horse in the lite shod classes.

When a horse goes onto pads, it has to stay on them for the entire show season - turn out time is only a few supervised minutes in a paddock or arena, there is no such thing as trail riding that horse "in between shows".

Putting packages on a horse is up there with brain surgery because mistakes can eventually cost the horse it's modality for the rest of its life.

Two of my three Walkers didn't "make" as Performance Walkers. The eldest is now 21 and I've owned him since he was three. He always did have stiffness and stocking up issues if we happened to live where he didn't have a lot of turn out time.

He developed hock & ankle arthritis five years ago. Was it the ultimate result of having been put on training packages when he was 18 months old and worked too hard while he was in them? I don't know and never will, but the thought is always there.

We have done some tough trail riding down thru the years but never anything that would qualify for the Calgary Stampede, and never for extended amounts of hours or days on end without plenty of rest and rubdowns.

I am pretty sure my other very well bred Walker never made it to pads or if he did it was short-lived because his snarky disposition is a trainer's nightmare. His attitude is most likely why that Pride's Ultra Threat/Ebony's Masterpiece grandson went to auction 12+ years ago.

I am against the padded industry, even though I do realize that about 2% of the folks really do care about the welfare of their horses. I did mean to say two percent.

For what it's worth, my vote is to keep your horse sane and healthy by keeping him in the lite shod classes, plus if you have enough breaks between shows, he can at least go out on the trails and be a horse:-)

chika1235 01-01-2009 03:03 PM

but can i put chains to make him up a lil?just for when i ride him in shows not extensivelly i dont want pads on this horse.he doesnt seem like a horse like that .

walkinthewalk 01-01-2009 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by chika1235 (Post 220930)
but can i put chains to make him up a lil?just for when i ride him in shows not extensivelly i dont want pads on this horse.he doesnt seem like a horse like that .

Chains also have to be used very carefully, not only for the safety of the horse but because the dreaded DQP are ever on the watch for soring.

If the chains were to sore the horse to where there is noticeable hair loss, chain burns, or some scarring, the DQP will throw you out of a sanctioned TWH show faster than you can say "but I-----".

The DQP (designated qualified person) is generally on the side of the U.S.D.A. but not always if there's enough $$$ involved <----gosh I can't believe I said that:oops:

Once a horse gets written up, it goes on record (not sure in what manner or exactly whose record), and I believe (again, can't say for sure because I don't show) either the horse/owner/trainer are banned from a certain amount of horse shows for awhile, or it's not the horse but the owner/trainer. Fines are also imposed, so putting chains on a horse to get the action and lift is not always a free ticket to the winners circle but it could be negative press in the local newspaper or on the WHC.

15 years ago the Arab I rescued came to me with a horrendous rope burn on his fetlock area. It took me months to heal it and he carries the scar to this day. If he were a Tennessee Walker and I was showing him, that old scar would give him a 50-50 chance of NOT getting thru DQP inspection; which by the way, happens before entering and also after exiting the ring if the horse ties.

Contrary to popular belief, soring also exists in the flat shod environment. Some of the Performance horse folks crossed over to flat shod and brought their devious methods with them. Others in the flat shod environment simply always did want to win at all costs --- even if that means using the horse up by the end of that show season.

My comment still stands to keep the horse in lite shod and keep things honest. If enough people insist on showing a clean moving horse that has not been subjected to any enhancement devices, MAYBE, just maybe the Walking Horse industry will redeem itself and these wonderul people oriented horses will gain the respect they deserve in the rest of the horse world.

It isn't the Walking Horse that is nuts, it's the people who abuse their willingness to please and use that willingness to send them mentally and physically over the edge because they must win at all costs.

This kind of thing exists in every breed, but for some reason it is the Tennessee Walking Horse that seems to always hit the news and the front page. The breed seems to end up with the black eye instead of the owners and/or trainers.

Sometimes the owners aren't aware of what the trainer is doing to the horse; other times the owners will fire a trainer if that trainer refuses to use abusive means to enhance the horse's movement.

Many times over the years people have looked at me like I needed a straight jacket for owning "those nutcase Walking Horses -- they're all crazy ya know, why would you want one?" Except the language they used wasn't that kind.

Please don't think those last paragraphs were directed to you because they weren't:) That was me beginning to get on my soapbox:-)

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