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Breezy2011 05-26-2013 07:15 PM

Herd Bound
So Breeze will go anywhere with me and will not fuss about it, even if it is away from the other horses, where she can't hear or see them, when the other horses call out for her, she rarely calls back.

A problem you may ask? Well... when I put her in her paddock alone, with no other horses in sight, when I take off her halter and let her go, then walk away, she will go bonkers and will run around calling to the others and her head is up high.

This morning I brought all 7 horses in from the pasture, into the barn to give them there breakfast. After about 2 hours (it was really wet, so I let there feet dry up a bit, usually they are in for an hour at max) I go out and decide to let Breeze out first, to see how she reacted.

When I brought her out and away from the others, she was fine, nice, calm and tired, I put her in her pen... When I walked away I heard her calling out, so I turn around and she is bolting around the pen! Once I brought another horse out, she was perfect, calmed right down and was fine.

Here is the thing though, later today, when I was turning them back out to pasture, I put Breeze out first, and she was fine, she started grazing (although horses were still in sight) and didn't care one bit she was alone.

Also, a couple days ago Breeze was the last to come in, and when no horse was in sight, she was running, pacing, calling out, anything to get out of the pen, then she was really pushy getting into the barn, but when I took her out of the barn, I made sure she was the last one to be turned out, and when she was in the barn, all alone, she was fine, quiet, calm and listening.

So really my question is, how should I go about getting her not herd bound, so it doesn't get worse in the future?

I don't want to be riding her in the future, and out in the field to have her have a fit because she is alone!

Foxhunter 05-27-2013 05:59 AM

she is a baby and reacting as a baby would - looking for her companions.
The fact that she is fine when you are out and about with her she doesn't bother about the other horses will transfer to when she is being ridden.

Even many older horses will go bonkers if they are last in thinking they are missing out.

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