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sandy2u1 01-04-2009 01:57 AM

good saddle for a gaited horse
Im gonna be buying a new saddle for my TWH. Ive always had to borrow saddles to go riding I dont know anything about how to determine what size saddle to get or what kind. I dont have thousands of dollars to spend on a saddle though. Im just looking for one that fits good, is right for gaited horse and I would like one that isnt to heavy since im a heavy gal (dont wanna add unecessary weight on my horse). any suggestions? oh..almost forgot...he's a trail horse and im not looking for an english saddle.

oh yeah...and has anyone tried the aussie saddles on gaited horses?

luvs2ride1979 01-04-2009 01:16 PM

If you can save up a little money, Crest Ridge makes great gaited saddles. They have a part synthetic model that's not too expensive ($643, Sonata) and they have scratch & dent saddles on occassion. They show you how to measure your horse on their web site for the best fit.
Crest Ridge Home

Abettas are affordable and very light weight. Their synthetic saddles are built on ralid trees in the USA. This web site will help you with a wither tracing to decide which tree will fit best. I'd send them photos of your horse too.
Abetta Cordura Trail Saddles Menu

For Aussie saddles, Downunder Web has a nice selection with some lower priced. I'd go with a flocked/padded saddle (the underside, against the horse). The flatter bottom saddles are made for wide/flat QH types. Downunder will custom fit a tree for you too, at no extra charge.
Australian Saddles from Down Under Saddle Supply - Aussie Saddle Specialists

Do NOT buy one of those cheap no-name Aussies on eBay. They are cheap Asian imports built on fiberglass trees. Even if it is a brand name, if it's under $400 for a new one, ask what material the tree is made out of. If it's fiberglass or fiberflex, PASS!

sandy2u1 01-04-2009 02:57 PM

tyvm for you very thorough answer! I didnt even realize that saddle companys would fit saddles to your horse. I like the sonata b2 and the aussie saddles. Im kinda leaning toward the sonata because they seem to specialize in the gaited horse. Im hoping to get one that will really fit him good and make riding a little more pleasurable for him.

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