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Horse racer 05-27-2013 03:33 PM

Careers in the horse racing industry
So my dream career is working with racehorses. What I'd really like to do is become a vet with a cetification in equine physical therapy and rehabilitate injured racehorses or become a vet who works with racehorses down in Kentucky at a racehorse vet hospitals/clinics down there. I know vet school is hard to get into, but I pull good grades 3.98 GPA (stupid A-) and am willing to work hard. But besides a vet, what are other good, well-paying, careers in the industry that's hands on with the horses?

What are good careers working with horses in any field of the equine world?

Horse racer 05-27-2013 04:32 PM

Career Help...
Double post...

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