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michaelvanessa 05-27-2013 03:47 PM

ironing out other drivers dammage.
hiya i have some pictures of a frends pony baggie.
the pony was broken in by my self he is a sweet little gildingand he is about 13hh.
the cruxt of the problem is that thay moved to another yard and there was this guy who thought he was a driver.
the only problem baggie was still green and had only clocked up a few days of driveing so to speak.
this guy in genral harnessed him up and he was long lineing beside the cart and baggie was not happy for some none reason and started to rear.
well this driver pulled hard on the reins and he reard up over balances and fell on his side and realy bent this guys steel shaft.
and he complained to my frends that the pony had dammaged his cart well i would personaly give the guy a thumping for what he has done personaly.
ok on the on set of class to day thay have a nylon harness.
we layed it out on the floor and i started to work on baggie.
he had only a head colla on and i was armed with an iristable pack of polo mints.
well he did not like me near him i gave him space so he started to rear and i gave him space i also was walking with him geting him use to me again its been 3 years ago since i broke him and he is now a nervous wreck.
so we started to pick his feet up andgroom his neck and under his main to try to let him except me well we went on for half an hour and we made lots of head way and i brought him to his harness.
we put on his breast collar roled up the traces.
we then put the pad on (driveing saddle)and back strap and crupper.
i was a bit shocked as the breeching was the wroung way round as the breeching its self was the loin strap scratching my head i asked who dod this thay said the guy who drove him who had the axedent.
well that figurd.
so i pulled it out and put it right.
next was the bridle we put it on well we found the answer why he reard well it was lucky he did not bolt he could see behind him.
so we made a few holes in the bridle and got to work on him.
we used the breeching straps and buckled them to the traces as he felt the breeching move as well as the collar.

michaelvanessa 05-27-2013 04:00 PM

part 2 ironing out the dammage
4 Attachment(s)
in stead of long lineing him first i walked at his head and he got frightend and started to rear i let him have his head and asked him to woah and stand i rewarded him and asked him to walk on and he did he was very jumpy and frightend.
we did four 100 foot circles and he calmed right down and i long reined him for 2 circles in a figure of eight and evalueated him and i said he is ready.
we put him to and i put his rein in loops in the terret on the pad and i was at his head.
the four wheeler bounced and he got frightend so i asked him for woah and he stoped i spoke to him calmed him down and we proceded again and he was ok he went well and asked him for woah and rewarded him again.
so came the big step we got on board and walked him round.
i think he had enough as he decided to dig his heals in so i got him going again and he went beautifuley.
i could not fault him.
heres some pictures of him.

Attachment 197697

Attachment 197705

Attachment 197713

Attachment 197721

michaelvanessa 05-27-2013 04:09 PM

baggie part 3
after class he had small pieces of carrot as he was still put to.
and we got him out of harness and gave him some more carrots and let him lose in the paddock.
the gray horse in the back ground is roley he is going to be broken in to harness to.
the day was a sucess and there is still a lot to do with baggie.
his owners roy and carol are so proud of him as thay were up set in what that guy had done and thay thought the pony would not ever drive again.
he has and he will and he enjoys his work.
its persivearance and kindness and understanding and fault finding that has made to day a sucess.
well done baggie.

Clayton Taffy 05-27-2013 04:21 PM

That sounds good MV, but you are an experienced whip and you know this pony, in fact, you trained this pony, so you know his fundamental training.
I wouldn't suggest a novice whip move so fast with a spooky pony, and you also had some help.
Thanks for the post, you are a exceptional teamster, but hopefully us less experienced out there would take it much more slowly.

I for one, can't wait to hear more of Baggie!

michaelvanessa 05-27-2013 04:47 PM

thank you taffy clayton i asked roy and carol to stand out of the way so i had a one to one with him and settle him down.
and thay were filming me with there tablet and the part were thay joined in was puting on his harness and the points of the harness.
so lol thay had a lesson to.
and the only time thay took part was for them selfs to drive him.
he is so light on the mouth and he is a lovley pony.
i walked by his head the first lap with roy and drifted abour five foot to the side ready if some thing was to go wroung.
baggie sorted him self out that was with guidance by me re wrighting the system so to speak.
it realy could have gone the other way but the main thing is to be calm and tap in to them and get them on side with you it goes a long way.
your forgeting your a great teacher to and a great horse woman and an awesome driver to.
ill be honest i admire your self and pilgrim to and not forgeting sam as well.
and i am like the other drivers on the horse forum love your pictures of you and pilgrim and all the other drivers to in keeping an art alive.

michaelvanessa 05-27-2013 05:15 PM

we will keep you in the loop and we will have more pictures.
ill ask carol to take some 1 to1 pictures with me and him.
ill have to make some more sd cards and mail them direct so it will give you an insite and you can see him driveing.
also ill take some pictures of his modifacations to his shaft linkages to his turn table we had a big discusion and he fabrecated it and made a new swingle tree to.

NorthernMama 05-27-2013 08:04 PM

So nice to hear you were able to help him and his new owners. A good story is refreshing :)

greentree 05-27-2013 10:34 PM

You are doing a great job to bring Baggie back! He is a beautiful pony, and I hope they can work with him when you get done. Sounds like he has a good foundation.


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