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joseylovesrain123 05-24-2007 10:26 PM

Is a mutange just a horse that was captured from the wild? so if you bred a mustange to a mustange would the foal be a mustange? if not what would it be??? PLEASE ANSWER WITH YOUR OPINION I'VE BEEN WONDERING THIS FOR A WHILE.

kristy 05-24-2007 10:59 PM

Yes, the mustang is a breed of horse. You can have them registered as well; there are several registries out there.

desperate horsewife 06-21-2007 04:10 PM

No, mustangs are not a breed. Mustang means feral; any horse that is captured out in the wild would be considered a mustang.

The word mustang comes from the Spanish word, Mesteno. While there are registries, the horses come in many sizes and shapes, plus color patterns. You can register them as appaloosa, pinto, quarter pony, American Warmblood and just about any other 'breed' that doesn't require parents to be known.

As far as what to call the domestic bred foals, yes, people still do call them mustangs. Most will specify that they are domestic bred. My opinion on the matter is that they need not be reproduced in captivity as there are so many being held in corrals that need homes. There may be exceptions, as people are heavily promoting the Kiger, or some horses carry some sort of color that other folks may take an interest in. Most are just nice range horses, good trail horses, wonderful children's mounts. They're used in reining, dressage and for police work and by the US border patrol. But most shouldn't be adopted for the specific purpose of breeding.

DesertGal 06-21-2007 04:51 PM

Mustang is a breed of horse. It began as just meaning a wild horse, but now has been recognized as a breed, and they can be registered. They can be any color, and there are different types of mustang's. Like Kiger mustang... Other breeds can enter into the mustang breed, and frequently do in the wild as the stallion will steal mares from ranches... I don't know if the wild ones can be registered, but the domestic mustang can be. They have certain traits, just like other breeds... QH's have big butts and muscles (usually,) mustang's have a certain shape of head, and body. Not all can be registered, I don't know the requirements exactly. I do know that a branded BLM mustang mare if bread to another branded BLM mustang can have a foal that can be registered. (A person I met at the feed store had just received the papers and was very happy! LOL!)

Here are two pics of my friends ranch raised mustang.

desperate horsewife 06-21-2007 05:24 PM

There are a few registries that work with certain genetics; Kiger and Sulpher come to mind.

There is another registry through the American Mustang and Burro Association; you can 'register' your wild caught or foaled in captivity mustang. They request freezebrand #, capture date, whether the dam foaled in captivity (no freezebrand required), HMA, etc. I'm not sure of the real purpose of this registry. There's no need for it, as there are no breed standards or shows to promote mustangs on a national level that require said registration papers. It is, more than anything, a money maker for the organization and a way for people to proclaim they've got a registered horse. Although, the title from the BLM would be essentially the same thing in terms of being able to prove your horse is mustang.

If you can point me to the registry you're referring to that allows domestic bred horses to be registered as mustangs without proof of mustang parentage, I'd love to know about it.

desperate horsewife 06-21-2007 05:33 PM

I guess I'd still disagree.

While the American Mustang and Burro Association does offer 'registration' papers, they're offered to horses born in the wild, or who's dams were born wild and foaled after capture.

Most people make the mistake of thinking they can recognize a mustang by an ugly head or particular body style. Not so. My farrier came out and trimmed our filly for the first time and was sure she couldn't be mustang until we showed him her freeze brand.

Different HMAs have different characteristics; some are known like the Kigers for their dun factor, although not all Kigers are dun. The Warm Springs HMA has a high percentage of appy coloring. Steens has pintos. Coyote Lakes has thoroghbred and cavalry. Sand Springs will give you ranch horses.

A mustang is a horse who has been born wild. A piece of paper from a 'registry' doesn't change that. Some folks have domestic bred mustangs, but their parents (or grandparents) were born wild. While there are people who are breeding them and tracking their pedigrees, I'd again say that this is really not advisable as long as there are hundreds of horses left languishing in corrals waiting for homes. I'd be very interested in knowing of any other registries that cater to domestic bred horses without proof of being actual mustang.

DesertGal 06-21-2007 05:34 PM


if you can point me to the registry you're referring to that allows domestic bred horses to be registered as mustangs without proof of mustang parentage, I'd love to know about it.
I don't know the registery, this was just a guy I met at the feed store who was very excited. If I see him again, I will definietly ask him what registry! I will also ask at the feed store, although they probably won't know... He was absolutely bubbling, couldn't get a word in. LOL! Will check around and see if I can find out anything. I never paid much attention to mustangs until my friend got her boy, the big black guy! My mare is absolutely in love with this gelding! :? (Well, him and a huge black percheron gelding kitty corner behind us. I guess she has a thing for the big black geldings!) I keep telling her he's gelded but she just doesn't get it! LOL!

DesertGal 06-21-2007 05:47 PM

Ok, I did a google search, and this might be what the guy was talking about. I don't know, as he was going very fast, I could have misunderstood???

It's just an american registry for mustangs. Doesn't mention the lineage that I heard the guy talking about. I'll be going to the feed store next week, and will ask there. Maybe they will know the guy. They know many of us regulars. :lol:

desperate horsewife 06-22-2007 01:21 AM

That's the registry I was referring to. They ask for freezebrand numbers, which mustangs only have if they've come from the BLM. Foals born after their dam is adopted don't have the freezemark, but the dam will have had one if she's gone through the channels.

It would appear that other mustang owners would agree that they consider their horse a breed. I think it's only because they need a way to define what they've got. Perhaps it's just my old dog way of thinking, but I expect a breed to have standards, not just animals who are feral. Feral/wild/mustangs could be the neighbor's horse that was released because they ran out of hay during the winter. Could be a ranch pony or a warmblood or the son of Secretariat...if it's captured by the BLM and hasn't got a brand, it gets labeled a mustang.

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