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sandy2u1 01-05-2009 04:08 PM

Aussie Saddles
Anybody have an aussie saddle? what do you and your horse think of it? Im seriously considering buying 1, so I was just wondering. It looks like they sit a little further up on the horse. I have a TWH, but I emailed them and they said they would fit it to fitting shouldnt be a problem.

wild_spot 01-05-2009 04:50 PM

I have a Bates Kimberley Swinging fender:

I love it, but I don't ride in it a lot because it isn't very practical for Mounted Games. But I show my Australian Stock Horse, so I use it for shows, and also for sporting and cattle work. I find it really gives me a good deep seat, and my horses slide stops of my seat are much sharper in this saddle. It sits in much the same spot as an english saddle. There are two different types, the one I have is a swinging Fender, and here is the same saddle in the traditional full skirt:

The Fenders give a bit more mobility of the leg, at least in my experience, and if you buy a good quality saddle you can decide where you want the fenders hung from depending on your style of riding.

A word of warning: Don't buy a cheapie stock saddle! There are some fo the most horrible indian leather stock saddles out there, they will be bad for you and bad for your horse. A quality stock saddle with do you for life and you will never regret it.

I'm planning on selling my bates in the future and forking out for a hand/custom made stock saddle by a fellow called Peter nelson down here, he makes really nice saddles with a very close contact seat and different design knee rolls, whcih will mean I canr ide mounted games in it. This is the sort of saddle I am hoping to get, only in a full skirt. You can see the more close contact seat and thinner and more pronounced knee rolls:

Please just ask if you want to know anything else!

sandy2u1 01-05-2009 07:34 PM

tyvm...ive been debating between the aussie and crestridge sonota. Sounds like the aussie might be the way to go. I want one lightweight and good for trails. it was suggested to me that I go with an english saddle, because they work better for gaited horses, but im not a good enough rider yet for that. your saddle looks like a really nice one. with all the stuff that you do on yours, it should be fine for trails.

wild_spot 01-05-2009 07:49 PM

The stock saddle is awesome for trails, it was designed for stockmen spending the whole day in the saddle on droves. It gives you a super comfy seat and a lot of support, plus lots of places to hang stuff off!

What brand/style of Stock saddle are you thinking of?

sandy2u1 01-05-2009 08:41 PM

so far ive been looking on the website and there are several that I like.....the kimberley stock, kimberley trailmaster and the downunder legend so still shopping. any suggestions are welcome. what is the name of the saddle you have exactly? oh yeah...and they did say once I send them Majors measurements that they would recommend some if I wind up buying it from there.

sandy2u1 01-05-2009 08:46 PM

oh nm about the name of your saddle...i scrolled back and found it I also like that down under dalby poley.

wild_spot 01-05-2009 09:13 PM

If I were you I would steer clear of the kimberley models... from what i see they seem t be of the same type as a lot of the nasty indian leather ones. The Downunder legend looks quite nice, and is hand crafted to would be decent quality. I can definately vouch for the quality of any Syd Hill saddles, but you also pay for the qulaity, they are quite exy. The downunder saddles seem okay for the price.

sandy2u1 01-05-2009 09:20 PM

oh tyvm!!! I dont wanna buy a saddle that turns out to be junk!!!!! Im new at this and you have been so helpful! this will be the first saddle I have ever as you can tell...I dont know what im doing.

wild_spot 01-05-2009 10:20 PM

No worries! My first saddle was a wintec, had it 7 years now and still my favourite, lol. My friend has two of the crappy stock saddles, so i know how horrible they are from my own experience!

Zolamae 01-07-2009 07:18 PM

Down Under Long Reach Endurance is a great trail saddle
Hi. I have 2 Long Reach Endurance saddles from Down Under Saddle Supply. One with horn, one without. I use them on my Morgans and find them to be very comfortable for both me and the horses, especially at a walk and a canter. I also use an English saddle and like to post the trot, which is difficult in these saddles (but the comfort and security at other gaits makes up for it on trails). The first saddle I bought from Down Under was a Kimberly Lite Rider which I later sold to my niece when I decided to upgrade. It certainly wasn't the same quality as the other saddles, but it wasn't bad. I took it with one of my horses to a saddle fitting clinic and the clinician said she was impressed by the quality as most aussie saddles she sees are complete "train wrecks". The Kimberly Lite Rider is very similar to the Long Reach Endurance in style, but the Long Reach is much better in quality for the money.

What I like most about the Long reach is the fact that it is pretty light (17 lbs. or so) and that it uses a dressage girth (if you order, upgrade to the neoprene dressage girth rather than the standard felt girth, which tends to slip). It is so easy to tack up my horses with these saddles. Also, both my English and western bridles match these saddles. Down Under has many dif types of pads as well--wool is my favorite.

My only complaint is that the stirrup leathers were so long I had to punch extra holes (I'm only 5 ft.2). I think that if I would have mentioned this when I ordered they probably would have done it for me before sending the saddle. They are very decent to deal with.

One more tip--keep an eye on their clearance pages. I got one of my brand-new $950 saddles for $450 because it had a repaired cosmetic flaw that you can barely see! Most of the clearance saddles are brand new (and it will say if they aren't) and unless they have already been adjusted to narrow withers, they can still be fitted to your own horse's wither tracing.

These are the only Aussie saddles I have experience with. The Syd Hill and Towoomba saddles look beautiful but are out of my price range. However, I think they have some of those on the clearance pages sometimes as well.

Hope this was useful info.!

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