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Shuswapsunrise17 05-29-2013 04:30 PM

Thinking of borading horses...
Hi Guys:) So I have wanted a horse or two ever since I can remember! But I live on a small farm with my family with Cows, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Rabbits, Dogs and Cats and we don't really have enough money to care for a couple horses. So I have been talking with my Mum and she says that she thinks we should board horses!

So what do I need to know about boarding horses?

Delfina 05-29-2013 04:36 PM

That boarding horses = work

You don't get to play with or ride boarded horses, you just get to do all the grunt work of feeding, cleaning up after, caring for injuries, repairing fences, repairing gates and so on....... not exactly fun or glamorous!

Gillian 05-29-2013 05:03 PM

I'm not sure who would trust the wellbeing and care of their horse to a family who has never had any before. I know I wouldn't. Why don't you get a job and pay for your own horse?

You won't get to ride boarded horses, you'll just be doing the chores, if anything.
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Shuswapsunrise17 05-29-2013 05:04 PM

I understand that but I don't care what I am doing with the horses just as long as I can pet them and kinda take care of them :-) And maybe someone will want me to ride their horse for them :D
I take care of two farms horses for them when they go away for a couple weeks sometimes. I have been reading about horses for a long time!
Plus I CANT get a job! I am not allowed to get a job until I am a bit older. And you aren't everyone! Maybe someone will trust me.

SlideStop 05-29-2013 05:20 PM

Unless you have real, hands on, experience with horses its NOT a good idea. Horses are large powerful animals that can kill you if you don't know how to handle them properly and if you cannot predict their movements. Have you ever delt with a loose horse? Held one for a vet? Separated two fighting horses? Do you know when to call a vet? Anything about horse first aide? The basics of feed? It might be smooth sailing for a while but accidents happen! I see MANY boarders board their horses because they themselves aren't confident in the above.

Also, boarding is rarely worth the effort. It turns very little prophet and many horse forum-ers will vouch since they have figured out the hourly wage. I believe its less then minimum wage.
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PaintHorseMares 05-29-2013 05:26 PM

If your mom is serious, consider co-op/self care boarding. You provide the pasture, barn/shelter, hay, and water. The boarders feed/care/etc their own horses. It is a lot less work, you get to be around horses, and have a better chance of a boarder asking you to care for their horse on days where they may not be able to come.
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SlideStop 05-29-2013 05:37 PM

Think of it this way... When you leave you child at daycare what do expect? You look for experience, appropriate child handling skills, emergency planning, credentials, etc. Someone could have the best intentions in the world and they feed a goldfish to a 7 month old and they choke and die... Well that facility is in trouble.

When you board horses your the daycare and owners/parents are relying on you to keep their horses/children as safe because they ate their to watch them.
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Shuswapsunrise17 05-29-2013 07:24 PM

I don't mean to be rude but what do you guys know about how good I am with horses! I have owned cows my whole life, they often get out, and I am very used to catching them! I know cows are a lot different from horses but when it comes to catching them when they get out it is pretty much the same thing! Actually I remember this one lady who had 3 horses who lived up the road from us had her horses get out and run around on my property, since she needed help and since they were on my property I had to help her catch them! She is the kind of person who hardly ever spends any time with her horses, and they didn't really like her so it was pretty hard catching them!

I am not afraid of horses! I have been around a lot of horses in my life and some of them have been just plain mean and one kicked everyone he saw that was near him, and when he would kick at someone they would scream and run away, I on the other hand wouldn't scream but instead would slowly back up speaking gently to him and soon he came to accept that I wasn't a threat and NEVER kicks at me anymore:)

No I have never held a horse for a vet but you have to learn at one point or another! Right?

I have a degree in first aid for horses. I don't know what you really call it but that is what I call it:)

Yes I know about feeding and what feed is best!

And WHO said I was boarding horses so soon? I said I am THINKING about it. I haven't even built a shelter for them yet.

How did you guys learn about how to care for a horse? By getting one! I bet lots of you guys hadn't even been really around any horses before you got yours. I know I haven't learned EVERYTHING about caring for horses but I was hoping you guys would at least try to help me. I guess not!

SlideStop 05-29-2013 07:43 PM

Negative. I learn about horses under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable barn owner, barn manager and trainers.
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SlideStop 05-29-2013 07:47 PM

Can you volunteer at a stable and get a handle on horse owner ship and management?
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