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lovemyponies 01-06-2009 09:39 AM

Endurance okay for a Hunter type?
Okay regulars on here probably remember the horse I got to sell for my sisters trainer who is down on her luck financially. Its been a journey. My friend who rides at our barn and does endurance has been very helpful in getting her in shape and making her "listen." She is coming along nicely. Starting to focus better in the arena, jumping nicely. (7 yr old TB mare trained for dressage/jumping)

My friend's daughter who does jumpers rode her and she thought she had potential, they just already have 3 horses for her to train/ride/show/sell.

Well I am officially making her my horse this week, but am still going to try to sell her. I love her so much but I just don't need a horse with all this potential. I just trail ride and give novice lessons. (she is fun on the trail though)
Anyway there is an endurance ride in our area at the end of the month and my friend has offered to take her. He is sure she will finish very well and it will give her exposure to another group of buyers.

My question is well is this a turn off for hunter/jumper/dressage/eventer buyers? I mean yes she needs work on collection after doing lots of trails trotting full out but still its a great work out and attitude tune up for her. It shows she has great feet, very sound and strong.

Honestly I would rather see her go as a hunter/jumper, something I might be able to go see her do in a ring. :-)

However he is convinced she could be a great endurance horse. She loves the trail and never tires.

Any thoughts appreciated.

lovemyponies 01-06-2009 09:56 AM

P.S. this will be her first off barn with other horses in a strange place event,so another huge step that will benefit her

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