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Riding in Spain 01-08-2009 10:07 AM

Pics of my "herd"

morganshow11 01-08-2009 05:10 PM

you have been blessed with Orion... he is absolutly gorgues... (dont mind the spelling)

mlkarel2010 01-08-2009 06:21 PM

Such magnificent horses! Spain is really pretty too! Barney may be my favorite, even though it's a tough competition

wanderlust 01-08-2009 06:29 PM

I want to go visit. That is so beautiful.

GypsyNymph 01-08-2009 06:31 PM

Gorgeous herd. Spain looks beautiful too!

huntseat7 01-08-2009 06:49 PM

they are all beautiful and the land scape is awesome! I can't even find teh ground all we have is snow right now!

librahorse94 01-09-2009 08:33 PM

Orion is so stunning, And barny is very adorable, I still can't get over orion though, His legs.shape, and coat are just amazing

LauraB 01-10-2009 04:09 PM

Awesome horses and landscape!

Cat 01-10-2009 04:51 PM

Beautiful horses and gorgeous scenery!

ShannonSevenfold 01-17-2009 11:27 AM

Words can't describe how jealous I am.

Your horses are absolutely gorgeous, and the scenery is like, my dream. =)

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