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Always Interested 01-08-2009 01:25 PM

Hello from Humble, Texas
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum.

A little about myself:

I've loved horses all of my life. I've owned two earlier own. I've since been married and have two young sons. My 3 year old is also in love with horse and falls asleep with his cowboy boots on and his rope in hand. I was hoping to get to know some folks who live around my area in order to allow my little one to get some time around horses.

We are Louisiana transplants and family has horses there, but we don't go back often enough.

I just don't want my young son to lose interest.

Thanks everyone.

free_sprtd 01-08-2009 03:47 PM

hey there! welcome to the HF. hope you enjoy it here!

shmurmer4 01-08-2009 04:32 PM

Welcome to the horseforum.

Where is humble?

Always Interested 01-08-2009 04:44 PM

Humble is a little northeast of Houston...south of Kingwood.
What part of Texas are you from?

PoptartShop 01-08-2009 04:45 PM

Welcome to the Horse Forum! :) Have fun posting.

horsegirl123 01-08-2009 04:59 PM

Welcome to HF, have fun posting!!!

shermanismybaby3006 01-08-2009 05:59 PM

How far are you from the cypress and katie area? Thats where I am moving to. You could always come out when we get settled.

Vidaloco 01-08-2009 06:08 PM

I was just reading something about Humble (pronounced umble) Have you checked out Cypress trails? Looks like its a bring your own horse or they have them.Cypress Trails, Houston horse stables :: Horseback riding Houston Equine Stables, trail riding in Houston, Endurance riding, Houston Endurance riding, horses looks like a great place.
Oh and welcome to the forum :D

shmurmer4 01-08-2009 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Always Interested (Post 225408)
Humble is a little northeast of Houston...south of Kingwood.
What part of Texas are you from?

Northeast Dallas, Waco, & San Marcos.

I have horses at Northeast Dallas & Waco.

Wish you were closer to dallas, I need young people to come and play with my colt to help socialize him.

mlkarel2010 01-08-2009 06:24 PM

Welcome to the forum!

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