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LikeaTB 06-01-2013 09:09 PM

Wearing a polo in hunters?
Hello all,
I went to my first show in a long time today and I did Pre Child/ Adult Hunters and Pre Child/ Adult Equitation. I was wearing a show shirt and show coat and it was HOT, and I was sweating my booty off. Its not even summer yet! It was about 90 degrees out today, soooo excited for summer weather (note sarcasm).

Anyways, I saw a girl riding in my division that had a polo shirt on, and I was thinking a little bit about that when I got back from the show. I am riding in a show (hopefully) in July and I was wondering if I could wear a polo shirt to that show? I really don't want to have to wear my show coat and shirt, those get incredibly hot. So would I be able to wear a polo? Thanks!

maura 06-01-2013 09:28 PM

It's at the judge's discretion to waive jackets in hot weather; however, the appropriate attire when the judge waives jackets is a short sleeved rat catcher or a long sleeve with the sleeves rolled up, not a sleeveless and not a polo,

I have never heard of a judge waiving jackets and allowing polos, polos are schooling show/informal attire. If you're braiding, I would def wear a ratcatcher rather than a polo.

What level or rating is the show?

To play it safe for your show in July, pack you jacket, a SS rat catcher AND a polo; then you're covered no matter what.

Corazon Lock 06-01-2013 10:41 PM

At the schooling shows I've been to, a polo is just fine for hunters.

At a rated show, though, you need to be dressed in your coat and show shirt unless judges waive the coats, in which, at the B rated show I was at, you had to have a long sleeve show shirt.

I love hunters, but geez, it's almost like punishment compared to the hunter ring in the summer...

LikeaTB 06-01-2013 10:44 PM

Thanks everyone! The show is a summer fun show at my barn, and I asked a friend about it and she said we could. It's a local show and I'm almost positive it's not rated.

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