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MadisonIngraham 06-02-2013 10:55 PM

Schleese Link ii- cheaper version?
Hi again!
I am on the hunt for a new dressage saddle for my lease horse! He has a custom county but the twist is to wide and the flaps are to long! I have tried the Schleese Link ii which I liked a lot! I like the narrow twist with the slightly flatter seat while still maintaing a close contact feel, also the knee rolls make me feel very secure! Unfortunaltly, I am a student and dropping 4 grand on a saddle is not something I can do. Are there any cheaper saddles out there that fit this general criteria? and yes I have a Passier (which I love!) but now that we are moving into second and third level I am looking for something with a bit more security and a bit closer contact feel. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I have a budget of about 1500- maybe 2000 but that is stretching it =(

xJumperx 06-04-2013 08:44 PM

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Not much here for specifics, but make sure you are looking for used saddles along with your new ones! If you limit yourself to just new saddles, you will get ripped off. You can get a barely used saddle for a lot less than a new saddle, and the price difference will be more than you think. I don't know Dressage saddles, but I know that I was able to find some nice Antares, CWD's, Pessoa's, etc. for around 2k compared to their origional 4k just because they had a little wear.

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