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KatieStanley 01-13-2009 03:07 PM

One month and counting!
I sent my new dressage prospect to my trainer 2 weeks ago for a 3 month training period. I go out twice a week and take my lessons on her and work with my trainer hands on- then 2 others times a week my trainer rides her. Well, my trainer is really impressed with her- so much that she thinks we are ready to do a schooling show in Dallas on Feb the 14th! I'm a bit freaked out to say they least! This is my first show in 7 or 8 years or maybe more (first dressage event EVER) and this will be Addy's very first show ever. Alright, I need any and all info/advice you can give me. I just bought a book off of amazon that gives you workouts to to with your horse in order to prepare for your first dressage schooling show. Other than that- I'm thinking white breeches, short or long sleeved polo depending on the weather (you NEVER know in Texas!)...white dressage pad for Addy- but do I braid her mane or no? Also, any tricks on getting all of her mane to the right side? (it needs to be tame if I don't braid)...whew...

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