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horsesandponies 01-14-2009 12:14 AM

Help feed the horses who lost their feed in the PNW
As we all know the PNW was being constantly hit by storm after storm. Including a 48 hr rain storm that led to many of the rivers, and dams reaching or exceeding flood stages. Many horses lost their feed because their barns got flooded, pastures got flooded, and hay barns were hit as well. Many had to flee with what they could take with them. People had stocked up with feed for the winter, and many attended sales to stock up on feed as well. All that is lost now. People in Western WA truly know the tole the weather took on us. This is the link to donate

ajegberg 01-14-2009 01:04 AM

Yes, the weather here in the Northwest has been devastating over the past month. There have been many barn collapses under the weight of the snow, freezing rain and rain as well as mudslides, causing houses to slide and people losing their homes...among other disasters.

A small ray of thanks in that most of the barn collapses that I have heard about have not resulted in animal deaths (though there certainly have been some). Many animals were able to escape unharmed, but the barns and feed have been a total loss.

With the highways shut down for many days at a time, numerous stables, farms, ranches could not get their feed deliveries. In the current market, so many people already spent their entire feed budget and have very little reserve to replace what was lost.

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