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As You Wish 06-06-2013 07:45 PM

Hates going clockwise
My horse hates going clockwise in the arena. She sticks her butt towards the middle of the arena and will side step. She is better at the trot. I can keep her pretty straight. She reluctently canters but is much better than she was a year ago. We had many rodeo sessions where she would just buck, rear, crowhop when asked to canter. With patience and trying to understand what is going on, she will now go into the canter. She is fine going counter-clockwise. She will stand next to a gate if it is on her right side but not if it is on her left side, which is like the arena wall.

A little history. She had a major injury to her left front leg several years ago. Nobody knows what happened. It happened in her stall and I was told it was blunt force trauma. I was not in her life when this happened. I came into the picture a year and half ago. She was on stall rest for 6 mos. After that, her owner never got her out or even went to see her. She was in this dark, isolated stall that she could not put her head out of. She had no stimulation, mentally or physically. My understanding is she was like his for a couple of years, only getting out occasionaly to run around in the round pen, get sweaty and put back into her stall. Needless to say, she now had mental trauma as well. She was mean, striking, kicking, ears back all the time, scary to be around. Nobody would go near her. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Eventually, I started to work with her and we have overcome many of her issues. I now own her, she is my dream horse.

We can't get past the moving sideways clockwise, not liking solid walls on her left side issue. I am thinking she may have PTSD from her injury to her left leg. Actually, someone said the injury was discovered the day after she had been shod. I was told her old shoer was very mean. Just hearsay though. Don't really know.

Does anyone have any tips that could help me to help her get on the straight and narrow clockwise in the arena? I have been trying for a year with no progress. She lunges OK in that direction.

farmpony84 06-06-2013 08:23 PM

I don't think it's PTSD from her injury. I think it's pain or stiffness from her injury. Have you ever had a chiro done on her? A lot of people will scoff at it, but for my horse, I notice a difference when I have it done. Also, with the major injury, what was it to? The bone? The joint, the hoof, ligament? Do you know?

Is she on any type of arthritis type of supplement? Joint supplement? Do you give her anything like Adequan or legend? From what you posted, I really would almost bet money that there is pain or stiffness involved in this.

NorthernMama 06-06-2013 08:26 PM

Will she go clockwise if she's not near the wall? Is the problem the same at all gaits? Will she go on both leads comfortably in the field on her own?

I would continue to look at the possibility of a result of injury - vet and working both leads away from walls and fences. If that pans out OK, move on to fences, walls and the arena. If that brings out the problem, maybe she has trouble with her vision on one side. If left side: she doesn't see the wall; if right side: she can't see her exposed side.

If it's vision or training, I think it can be overcome with patience, which apparently you have lots of to have brought her along this far. Just you have to figure out what it is in order to know how to get past it.

Skyseternalangel 06-06-2013 08:46 PM

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I'd have the vet look at her, and possibly a chiropractor.

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