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Fogged-In 01-14-2009 10:49 AM

Without My Heart
Without My Heart

Without my heart I would never know,
How it feels to grow,
With many feelings up and down,
Through a lot of smiles and many frowns,

It's like a little chamber locked inside,
With precious gifts that I still hide,

The tallest tree is stuck in there, (Represents my 1st horse Redwood)
With kick it surrounding the air, (A song between My best friend and I
before she passed)
And just when I thought that was all it could bare,
Forecast says;
There's a Fog rolling in there, (My horse Fin=Fogged-In)
Twenty-four years of luggage,
How have my parents done it,

All these beautiful things,
I cannot touch nor see,
Just felt deep down inside me,

But the feelings are there,
At least I HAVE something to bare,
And I will always share,
The joy I have stored there,

Because without my heart I would never know,
How it feels to grow....

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