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Hannah2016 06-07-2013 11:43 AM

Hey guys, whats up. Guess what? Im new - so come and greet me!! :D
Hey whats up guys? i guess this is the part where i tell you all about myself while showing you in advance how horrible my spelling is c:

My names Hannah (if you hadnt already guessed by my username), and im sixteen years old. I have 5 more GCSE exams to go (much to my pleasure) then im freeee! untill i get to collage that is. Im trying to be a veteirany nurse, animals are pretty much the only thing ive ever been that interested in.

On to the part your all actually intrested in (i think...). Ive been horse riding for the past 11 years and have only experienced English riding, trying western is on my horsey bucket list. Ive jumped and done a bit of dressage, but havent ever gotten to compete or anything like that because ive only ever had riding lessons and a few part loans here and there.
I started at a new riding school and have been there for 7 months, after leaving my old school of about 6 years and have never improved so much! Ive recently passed a mini test of theres and will soon get to start working there in exchange for free lessons. Things, after 11 years, are finally starting to go somewhere :D

Paintlover1965 06-07-2013 11:47 AM

Welcome to the Forum Hannah! Good luck with your schooling and riding!

morganarab94 06-07-2013 11:48 AM

Welcome! My name is Hannah too.:-)

MGTS 06-07-2013 11:49 AM

Welcome Hannah

MHFoundation Quarters 06-07-2013 11:49 AM

Welcome to the forum Hannah!

Hannah2016 06-07-2013 11:55 AM

Aww thanks guys, this forum is so welcoming :')

Cacowgirl 06-07-2013 12:17 PM

Welcoome & good luck with your studies & the riding.

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