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ZipSilkyMachine 06-08-2013 01:48 PM

Horse tattoos??
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Hi, just curious--does anyone have any horse tattoos?

I think I attached a picture of mine haha. It's of the day I got it done and it's on my right side. I wanna add on!

OutOfTheLoop 06-08-2013 02:03 PM

Is that a cover up of lettering in the mane or is that the way the mane was drew?
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ZipSilkyMachine 06-08-2013 02:05 PM

Just how it was drawn haha. My artists loves lines!
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ZipSilkyMachine 06-08-2013 02:12 PM

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Here's a better picture after healing

Let me know if anyone has ideas of how I can add on with a horse theme! :D

F239141 06-08-2013 08:43 PM

Looks cool, I like simple tattoos like that, not much of a fan of all the colored ones.

ZipSilkyMachine 06-08-2013 09:07 PM

Me too! I prefer black and gray
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EdmontonHorseGal 06-09-2013 12:54 AM

i don't have a horse tatt yet, but i am considering a small full filled black horse on my upper left arm, mid stride in a nice working trot.

ZipSilkyMachine 06-09-2013 07:50 AM

Sounds very cute :)
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Hailey1203 06-10-2013 06:23 PM

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This is mine!

ZipSilkyMachine 06-10-2013 07:31 PM

Very cool!!
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