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luckyrabbit 01-16-2009 06:19 PM

Original Oil Paintings of your "Best Friend"
Greetings y'all (can you tell I'm from Kentucky...)!

Just a quick intro to all you lovers of these great and gentle creatures. I own Lucky Rabbit Studio which, aside from the main business of graphic design, loves to paint original oils of people's pets. But I'm sorry to say I've never had the pleasure to paint someone's horse. I've had a few requests, as well as a request for a pet Llama (their best friend Larry the Llama in fact!), but they never went through with it.

So, if anyone is ever interested in a gift for a loved one, or want to memorialize a loved horse (or any other pet) that has passed, please drop me a note. See below for a link to my art blog that shows many of the dogs, cats and rabbits that I've had the pleasure to paint. I specialize in portraits so I can really get that glint of happiness in their eyes. Really makes them shine and makes my clients smile.

I'll also (try to) paste a few images directly into this message.

Have a great day and a happy 2009!

To see more images:
Down the Rabbit Hole

Mark Kerley@Lucky Rabbit Studio
Web: A Natural Instinct For Design, A Healthy Appetite For Art, Graphic Design Lucky Rabbit Studio

shmurmer4 01-16-2009 07:23 PM

Might consider one of the bengal, will have to talk to the S/O about it.

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