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Gingerrrrr 01-16-2009 08:05 PM

Horse Shopping Help?
okay so as some of you may know i might be aloud to get a horse again soon. ive got a babysitting job and im just waiting for an email back from the lady to tell me what days i have to hoping shell email me back soon. anyways im looking for a younger horse 5-12 years old, no thoroughbreds. im pretty much looking for a gymkhana horse or prospect atleast. beginner safe and under $2,000. geldings prefurred.

appylover31803 01-16-2009 08:21 PM

Not sure on your location, though I know you're in NY. Horse ID: 1332110 - Kujo
doesn't say if he's beginner safe, but on the temp. scale, he's a 1. Horse ID: 1348386 - Ben
He was used in lessons for kids as young as 10 so he might be beg. safe. Horse ID: 1343332 - Lakota
says he's good for an advanced beginner.

Bay Gelding Trail Horse Draft Cross Horse for Sale in Clarence center, New York | Buy This Horse at
Could be worth it to check him out. He is beginner safe.

Sorrel Gelding Trail Horse Paint (Tovero) Horse for Sale in Ontario, New York | Buy This Horse at
not sure if he's beginner safe. He looks sweet enough

Gingerrrrr 01-16-2009 09:17 PM

thanks! i emailed almost all of them! keep them coming guys. thanks so much in advance.

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