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QHShelby 01-18-2009 09:37 PM

Hey, guys, I was looking for some horse quotes... And I wondered what your favorites were?


Spyder 01-18-2009 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by QHShelby (Post 233192)
Hey, guys, I was looking for some horse quotes... And I wondered what your favorites were?


Don't squat wearing spurs.

LadyDreamer 01-19-2009 12:01 AM

"When the Horses Arrive, Success is Assured" - Chinese Saying

"Ask for a lot, receive a little, reward often." -Jimmy Williams

"Riding must be functional before it becomes beautiful." -Gayle Lampe

"Have a heart that never hardens and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts." -Marty Mueller

"The world champion rider in any event was at one time a beginner." -Richard Shrake

"Don't think that expensive equipment will make up for a lack of talent and practice." -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

"The first impression is a lasting one. Enter the ring on a well turned out horse." -Gayle Lampe

"Enter the ring like you want to be seen, not like you've been pushed in." -Unknown

"A horse needs to move correctly and perform in motion to be of any real value." -Gayle Lampe

"Never punish more than the mistake." -Robb Tanner

"When a horse wants to display himself in front of other horses, especially in front of mares, he lifts his neck up high and flexes his poll haughtily, and picks his legs up freely, and keeps his tail up." - Xenophon (380 bc)

Non-horse Quotes

"Sometimes the best of us must eat our words." -J.K. Rowling

"Every time I make a plan, God laughs at me." -Jason Isaacs

"When in doubt, quote someone smarter." -Unknown

"Fear will kill you if you can't control it." -The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan

"Better ten days of love than years of regretting." -The Dragon Reborn, Robert Jordan

"Never make a plan without knowing as much as you can . . . Never be afraid to change your plan when you receive new information. Never believe you know everything. And never wait to know everything." -Lord of Chaos, Robert Jordan

county 01-19-2009 06:36 AM


EquineArtist 01-19-2009 07:20 AM

I love quotes too! I've collected 52 of my favorite quotes and am posting a new one accompanied by one of my horse paintings each week on my blog. It was fun pairing quotes with horse paintings!

The quotes and paintings illustrate a weekly To Do List, that you can print for free "To Do List."

Here's this week's:

There's a new quote/picture combo each week on my blog: Karen Brenner Blogs about her Horse Paintings and Equine Adventures

iridehorses 01-19-2009 07:45 AM

I've always enjoyed the 2 in my signature.

farmpony84 01-19-2009 07:55 AM

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway
A horse is a horse,it ainīt make a difference what color it is.
John Wayne

smrobs 01-19-2009 08:53 AM

The one in blue is my favorite.

A horse is worth more than riches--Spanish Proverb

It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall--Mexican Proverb.

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears--Arabian Proverb

A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adult treasure--Rebecca Carroll

There are times when you can trust a horse, times when you can't, and times when you have to--Unknown

The educated horse is a thinking horse, and it seems that he understands that every now and then something happens that he must chalk up as a mistake and be done with it--Dennis Murphy in Practical Horseman

A cowboy is a man with guts and a horse--Will James

When you observe a horse closely, you feel as if a human being sitting inside were making fun of you--Elias Canetti

A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character--Frederico Tesio

Always smile when you are riding because it changes your intent--James Shaw

Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope!--Toni Robinson

Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world--Josephine Demott Robinson

And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath over it and created the horse--Bedouin Legend

God forbid I should go to any heaven where there are no horses--R.B. Cunningham Graham

Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark--Gypsy Saying

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man--Sir Winston Churchill

You can tell a gelding, ask a mare, but you must discuss it with a stallion--Unknown

And last but not least:
Is it the smell of their body as I hug their long neck,
or the scent only a horse has that I can't forget?
Is it the depth of their eyes as they contentedly rest?
No, it's just being around them that I like the best.
--Teresa Becker

morganshow11 01-19-2009 09:48 AM

ride it like you stole it!!!

QHShelby 01-19-2009 02:40 PM

Awesome. I just love horse quotes, but others are great, too!

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