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rememberourtroops 06-11-2013 11:51 AM

Similar to an old classic
This story is very similar to Black Beauty, only it is diffrent. The last story I was writting has been haulted due to writers block. So here is this one, there is already three chapters done and the fourth is under construction.
Here it is:

Paniced the solid black colt gallops away from his herd. Sounds of gunfire ring in his ears, and a biting sting on his left shoulder hinders his stride. Despite the stinging pain the colt pushes on as his herd, his family, is destroyed. As he gallops a burning hate of man flares to life in his heart. Years later people will call him King of the Mustangs and tell tales of a fierce black stallion roaming the western great plains. This part of his story told from his point of view.

Wishing to be free I rear up on my powerful hind legs, squealing in pure anger. The men trying to get me into a still lose ground as they slide on the stones beneath their feet. Pining my ears back I start to rear and buck, shaking my head wildly to read myself of the halter on my head. I'm angry and for good reason. First I'm taken from my homeland, then I'm put into the belly of a beast where the ground moves beneath you feet with out end. Now I'm going to fight these men every step of the way until I'm free once more.

My sides heave from how long I've been pacing but my iron will remains strong as ever. His head barely visible a little pony says to me " My name is Cherry, I do hope that you are nice unlike the horse who used to be in that stall." Puzzled by hearing such a thing from somethig so small I say "I have no name little one. Man has called me King of the Mustangs, whatever that means. You have no need to fear me Cherry, humans are the only ones that I bring harm to. They destroyed my family when I was young and I have the scar to prove it, now they will have to fight me to tame me." " That is not a good idea mister. Squire Grey, our master, is a very kind man unlike the ones who hurt you so long ago. Soon you shall see," Cherry says as his red head disappears.

His words soon prove true but I will always refuse to give in like a horse who has been born in the midst of man. It took five men to get me into this pasture, only then did my "master" come. He has a voice that can be trusted but I hold my ground, eyeing him angrily. As he comes close I strike out in a flash with a front hoof. The man backs up some and says "Now, now you've never been that close to man and I get that. I won't hurt you, you already bear a scar from someone." The scar on my shoulder, the one he speaks of, remains me that no man is to be trusted even ones with kind words. Squire Grey, the man, takes a step forward and I rear in the fighting stance of my kind. Seeing my agitation and clear anger he leaves the pasture, which suprises me. I was expecting more of fight from him to try and break me to his will.

My new home is a very grand place to live, if one was born within boundaries. Squire Grey put cherry and a dull brown horse in my pasture to keep me company. When I look over at the brown he puts back his ears and turns his rump towards me. I remember past duels and step out of the way as he lets his hooves fly. Mouth stuffed with grass Cherry says "Ignore Leo, he don't like no one except young Tom Grey, the Squire's son. Even Tom has a lot to handle when he rides 'im." "cherry you mind your own buisness or I'll give you a good thrashin'," Leo says with his ears laid back. Not wishing to get involved in there arguments I walk away to the far side of the pasture.

Cherry looks back at me as the groom leads him to his stall for the night. Its like he knows that it will be a blood bath before I'm brought in for the night. I see nor sign of the Squire or of Tom who were at the barn for most of the day. Then Tom left on Leo and he has yet to return. Now I do not see either on of the Greys, not even the wife. I lower my head to graze the rich grass to pass the time away. Man does things so much slower because they live confined lives, if they were free things would go so much quicker.

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