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AnnieOe 06-11-2013 07:14 PM

How do I find a "problem horse" trainer in Ohio?
Hi everybody,
I need to find a trainer who specializes in "problem horses". I'm hoping that I can find someone who will come out to my boarding barn in Westerville, Ohio. My problem, so far, is that very few trainers advertise their services. It seems like a lot of things in the horse world are done by word of mouth. Usually, this works out okay, because I have a reliable recommendation before I engage someone's services. But, in this instance, I'm looking for a very specific type of service, and I just don't know how to connect with the trainers who suit my needs.
I want a trainer who will come to my barn for several reasons: (1) I know that my gelding is safe at my barn, and will get proper feed and turnout, (2) I can visit him and work with him while he's in training, (3) Some of his behavior problems are related to certain things in the barn (a certain corner of the arena...etc).
I need a trainer who is experienced with fearful horses. My gelding is 4 years old, and up until February 2013 was never handled or worked with. He had 60 days of training and did well. He arrived at the barn May 5th, and for several weeks he was ridden consistently and was progressing nicely in his training. He is definitely a fearful horse. He spooks at everything, but with consistant desensitization, he was better every day.
However, two weeks ago he bucked me off as soon as I got in the saddle. Since then, we have continuously struggled with mounting. It has gotten to the point where he will rear and buck, as soon as someone sits on his back. He just frantically wants you off, off, off. It has become unsafe for me, and the other trainers at the barn, to try to mount him. He has regressed with his ground work as well.
I have ruled out possible health problems and back pain. We have tried different saddles, different saddle pads, and supplements.
He is not an aggressive or mean horse, but he has figured out that he can get his rider off. He needs a trainer who is experienced with young, green horses, and can work with them safely.
How do I find a trainer for him? Is it necessary to send him away? Aren't there trainers out there who will come to your barn? How do I make sure that I find a trainer with the necessary experience? Lots of trainers claim to have experience with troubled horses, but I can garuntee that this is not an easy fix. He is too much for the regular trainers that work out of our barn.

Misty'sGirl 06-11-2013 08:55 PM

Is there a local facebook group you can use? Where I live, we have a "horse page" for the whole state that I live in. You can hop online and make a post along the lines of "Hi guys, can anyone recommend (or know someone who can recommend) a trainer that will travel to my barn at (insert location) and is experienced with green/problem/spooky horses? Please contact me on ******* or inbox me."

These sorts of groups are so helpful because there are people in your area who have got genuine experiences with the people you're looking for.

There may not be a group for your state or whatever, but I'm sure there'd be some sort of group/page that'd suit your needs. Even though I live in a small state, we have "livestock" pages and there's even a "pet discussion" page relating to our state, where we can recommend vets, breeders, anything.

Facebook is a pain sometimes, but it can really help you out at other times with connecting with people/services etc. Best of luck!!!

CowboyBob 06-11-2013 09:14 PM

Talk to your Vet, maybe your farrier, horse trainers, other horse people outside your circle of friends try talking with friends of friend. I think your Vet and your Farrier are two good options as they know a lot of different people. Good luck

Palomine 06-11-2013 11:34 PM

I think you would be better off taking horse to a trainer for several reasons.

First being that I think you are probably most of the problem here.

To me it sounds like the horse has your number, and is spoiled.

And at the price of gas, the type of trainer you need will not be wanting to waste time and money to come out to your place.

You can go to different barns, get a feel for how the horses are done there, and give someone a chance to straighten this horse out, and get some lessons for yourself.

And again, this is NOT a problem horse. This is a horse that has gotten away with murder, showing you that it is in charge.

CowboyBob 06-12-2013 08:27 AM

I have to say I was thinking the same things that Palomine said I just didn't say anything because that was not the question you asked.

Cat 06-12-2013 08:56 AM

I find local feed stores tend to be a great place to find out who's who in your community and get recommendations, but like others have said - it may be very difficult to get someone to agree to come out to your barn vs. bringing the horse to them.

Saddlebag 06-12-2013 11:35 AM

There are trainers who refine existing training and those who rehab. horses. Not everyone knows how to deal with horses like this. My first inclination would be to tie up his front leg so he's only got the use of three legs. Then let him sort it out. This can have quite a mental effect as he can no longer use his power over you. When he's standing quietly, move your mounting block to his side and get on. He may move to balance himself but he'll be danged leery of going up. Just sit quietly. This is tiring for him being on three legs. Dismount and release his leg and see if he old attitude returns. If it does, tie his leg up again and move him so he has to hop. He knows now you are in control. He can't escape a predator while like this and it seems to trigger submission. Similar to laying a difficult horse down.

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