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BarrelRacer67 06-12-2013 04:20 PM

Finally, some improvement!!
So I gave Blaze a 2 month break while I got things figured out with my new job and to get back where I needed to emotionally after my colt's death because I was a wreck! Now that I'm back on track, we are getting back into things! I took Blaze to a barrel series on Sunday to get back in the swing of things and of course once we got there, it stormed and we were holed up in the trailer for 20 minutes. But once the rain and lightening quit, we got out there and he hit the middle of the 3D! He's never gotten out of 4D in all the races I've ran him at! We were out of the money but I didn't care lol

Here's a video from todays practice. He did great! Is there anything that y'all see that I really need to focus on?

beau159 06-12-2013 05:56 PM

Not too shabby at all!

The only thing I can tell is it seems like he is "over bending" just a hair in the nose/neck in your turns, and it seems to slow him down in the turn too. His last step in the turn seems "stuck" when he should be blasting out of there.

What if you gave him the opportunity to turn the barrel on his own, and leave him alone with your hands? What would he do?

Also, you held him up going to the first barrel. He really seems to be working the turns good though. What happens if you send him in at Mach 20? :-) Will he miss it or will he turn it?

BarrelRacer67 06-12-2013 07:03 PM

Thanks! And his turns are better when he is actually running. He can and will leave my butt behind coming out of a turn if I'm not hanging on lol And I push him into first, he will hang up coming out but I've figured out if I give him a bigger pocket going into it then he can turn and fire better.

If I let him turn by himself then he would go wide. He's definitely a push-style and I have to really use alot of leg and rein in the turns. But like I said, he's better when running. I would put a video of Sunday's run but no one filmed it :(

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