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Run4Home 06-13-2013 05:11 AM

Your CrAzY trail rides!
I know my friend and I have had some pretty wacko trail rides! And I wanted to hear other people's weird experiences about what has happened to them on the trials or what they did!😃

phantomhorse13 06-13-2013 08:27 AM

One of the most memorable for me was a coupe years ago, during a training ride.

We were in the place we did the majority of our riding, on the same day and time as always. Normally there aren't many people out and about on those trails on a random Wednesday morning in early May, so wasn't I surprised when Dream and I came around a corner to find 2 people *ahem* enjoying one another's company on a blanket in the middle of the trail!! :shock: :lol:

Dream stopped with a snort at the sight and it was all I could do to stay on top of her due to my hysterical laughter. The interrupted couple just stared up at me and didn't seem inclined to move, so we just moved off the trail a bit and went on by, laughing all the way.

I never could pass that spot again without snickering! If you would like some privacy, wouldn't you pick a spot NOT in the middle of a trail?!

BlueSpark 06-13-2013 11:08 AM

oh dear :shock:^^^^

I've had a few.

I was 12/13, my cousin an I decided(who were beginners at this point) to go for a trail ride on her brothers 17 hh green broke draft crosses. we were both 5', and the only tack belonged to her brothers, who were 6' + and all legs. there were no adults to help us. we tacked up and I got the hornless aussie saddle. Neither of us could properly tighten a cinch, so the saddles were a bit loose. the stirups didn't go short enough. so, riding horses that were poorly trained and loved to run, in loose saddles with no stirrups, we set out. we were in the middle of no where, on a quarter section that was completely wild and fenced for cattle. we ended up on a narrow game trail flanked by thick brush, when all of a sudden a bull moose came up behind us. in front of us a 4' high log had fallen across the trail. we had no choice but to jump it. I ended up with my arms and legs tightly wrapped around my horses neck. I pushed myself back into the saddle and we kept going. we got to a long, steep hill with thick brush at the bottom. that's when I found out the boys ran their horses down hill. racing flat out down a steep hill(with no horn or stirrups) I somehow stayed on, at the bottom I laid flat on my horses neck and clung for dear life as we crashed through the brush. And I survived to ride another day.

At 15: One on an interesting arab mare. incredible arena horse, but beyond spooky on the trail. We started out spooking at everything. then going down a wide trail there was a hub cap in the middle. instead of going around it like a sane horse, she jumped it unexpectedly, making me loose both stirrups and the reins, and galloping off towards the river. I stayed on, regained control, but now it was time for a river crossing. she fought me and fought me, before leaping 8' out into deep water:shock: having survived thus far, we moved on to a nice wide trail that we usually cantered down. we had never seen anyone else on it. halfway down a man walked out of the bushes and stopped in the middle of the trail:evil: our horses did fantastic sliding stops, depositing me and my friend in a heap at the guys feet, after having flown over the horses heads. the man took his girl friend and ran.

As an 18 year old: steep trail on a green horse, horse lunged up the last few feet, as I was leaning forward the horn hooked my bra. I ended up bent over a prancing horse, stuck to the saddle, trying to avoid plunging back down the hill. thus why I hate horns.

lastly, around the same time frame: we went to do a river crossing we had all done dozens of times, only this time flooding had washed out the bottom(water too dark to tell) we got 10' out from the bank and the bottom dropped out. out of 5 riders, 2 swam across, the rest of us swam our horses back to the closer side we had just come from. we were hanging off our horses letting them tow us back to shore when I heard this terrible screaming. I was sure my friend had been hit by her swimming horses hooves, or was being dragged under. then I heard what she was screaming. "My pants are falling off, my pants are falling off!!!!":lol: her fashionable low rise jeans were not coping very well with the situation:lol::lol:. then I tried to get back on the cantankerous gelding I was riding, but everytime I went to swing my(wet jean hampered) leg over, he would lunge up the hill, landing me in the dirt. I finally got on the brat, we found a way across, and my friend spent the rest of the ride trying to hold up her soggy jeans as we trotted the 7 miles home, looking like drowned rats:oops:

I have more, but these are a few.

Critter sitter 06-13-2013 11:19 AM

when I was a teen I was riding a horse who was blind in one eye. I had a friend with me who said she was a great rider.. well we were on the trail and headed under a foot bridge my horse in the lead who never spooked saw a snake slither across the path and reared up and I hit my head on the bridge..I fell off and my horse took off. I asked my friend to go after her. well she kicked her horse into a gallop and the horse went and she fell to the ground... I knew the horses would just go back to the barn but it was a 2 mile walk back. well we started our walk back and came around the bend to see my Crush holding both horses . I was red in the face. I quickly said thank you blushing then mounted up and rode away.

DuckDodgers 06-13-2013 11:33 AM

I had a pretty memorable time once when I was a kid at horse camp and riding a hot, bolt-prone paint named General. He took off with me on the trail, ran into the butt of the horse in front of me, and the girl on the other horse fell off :oops:

The most hilariously awful event that happened to me on the trail was a couple of weeks ago though. I was out trail/pasture riding with two of my friends, with one of them riding a pretty hot thoroughbred, and the other riding her younger generally well-mannered TB, and me on her older TB who I had never ridden before. She was telling me about how she loves her horses because they aren't phased if you run through a spider web on the trail or something and freak out, and I assume that she made some sudden flailing motions to illustrate what she meant (I was riding a bit ahead of her and our other friend). Next thing I know I see her horse galloping off into the sunset, with her no longer on his back! The horse I was on did some head tossing and trotted a few steps and the third horse threw a couple of bucks and ran a few feet, but all seemed ok. I asked the friend on the ground if she was ok and wanted me to get her horse, and she said to just give her a few seconds to catch her breath and she'd get him. No big deal.

Next thing we know, the loose horse decides to come galloping back towards us, bringing along with him the three mares of the pasture (one of which has been known to kick riders on their horses). They all run at me and the other girl on our horses with the other friend still on the ground, and while my horse remains shockingly calm, the other is spinning and bucking. He finally stops, and the girl jumps off. I'm trying to stay on my horse because I am a lowly 5'3, and since he is 17hh I'm not so sure that getting on will be so easy. The friend who fell then starts saying that she feels dizzy, so I jump off to try and help her. Of course, once I'm off the horse she says that she feels fine and stands up... I get back on my horse with surprising ease, and we start to go back home.

To get back to the barn you either need to cross a bridge or go through a steep ditch, and the girl who fell decides to take the bridge route. Apparently her horse was still edgy, so when he stepped on a loose board that always flaps a little he jumped from almost a standstill to having all four feet two feet in the air, and bolted across the bridge when he landed. She stayed on just fine, but the other girl and I decided to take the ditch. She went first, and halfway through her horse decided that he no longer liked the ditch. I was a safe distance behind her, but he suddenly rushed backwards and tried multiple times to kick out at my horse as I was trying to pass them. Then we got home and the excitement ended, thankfully.

We got back and figured that the barn manager had seen everything from off in the distance while cleaning stalls, or at least was wondering why we were all off of our horses for a few minutes, but she didn't see a thing. I now have much greater faith in my friend's older TB, and hope we all learned a lesson about deliberately flailing on young horses!

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