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charliBum 01-21-2009 08:20 PM

re-training her, again
ok, so my friend got this nice little standy mare, i do most of the riding, and had her moving off my seat morements, voice ets, and a little leg, she was starting to drop her head, accept the bit. I leave for a bit,And she ahs a 12 year old novice on her, now Mocha is very nice and would put up with anything, but she is ruined, she is dead to the leg, hard mouthed, leans and falls in on corners, and this girll was just riding her around ina circle for hours everyday and thats it, she is a horrible rider, poor mox is so sour about doing circles, her head now goes up more than before, its like were back to the start, but this time she is even further behind, gosh, and she has been left to get away with so many things, now if your hacking or jsut warming up, she will jsut stop and pack a tantie and will not go forward on leg, only a whip, everytime she does it i give her a nidge, then a tap with the whip, i refuse to "boot" her as she was so light before, oh god, this poor horse, i had to give this girl a "basics lesson" i said well walk on, and she took her leg back to about the last rib and took her whole lower legg off and went BOOT BOOT BOOT, and at the same time her leg comes down on mox, she gives the reins a all mighty yank, everything else is just as bad, my friend promised to not let her ride mox again, i went there day before last, and the leathers on mox;s saddle were way up, the girl had been riding her, and also because she uses my saddle, because it doesnt fit my hrose, but it fits mox, i would expect the saddle, not to have styrip leathers so bad i was scared they were going to snap, they were THAT dry, oh god, i have some work to do.

what should i do to get this mare back to the soft accepting horse I once knew

Picture Perfect 01-21-2009 09:45 PM

I am really not trying to sound mean at all here, but this "girl" can find and read your above post. Are you sure you want to be saying this?
You can still edit it you know. Please don't make the same mistake I've made before. :wink:

charliBum 01-21-2009 09:49 PM

she knows, i have told her, she wont find it trust me, ill change it to her name, i think i made her every mistake clear when i was with her watching her ride, if she finds it, ahh well she will live.

Picture Perfect 01-21-2009 10:00 PM

It's your decision so I'll respect that. :-)

Zanesgirl 01-21-2009 11:09 PM

If Mox was my horse and this had happened, i'd be furious too.

Obviously circles are a no-no at the moment. have you tried jazzing things up a bit with her? make things a little more exciting, or just different, so that she's concentrating on where she's going rather than what might happen to her with you in the saddle?

I know that everyone says that a horse must be responsive and attentive to you, but quite frankly, she's probably busy zoning out as a way of coping with what happened to her.

The other thing that i would do is to do some ground work with her. standing beside her, i'd ask her to move off you by putting slight pressure behind her girth where you would ask with your leg. ask her to come around it by bringing her head around with your other hand. You should find that after a little time, she will respond to light touch.

As for being hard in the mouth, why not start working her in a halter, and a bridle (if she is safe to do so). work with one pair of reins on her halter, the other on her bridle.

Ask for a halt with the halter, and apply gentle pressure on the bridle. The same goes for turning left and right.

We do this as part of a horses education when they first wear a bridle. They have learnt left, right and halt off the bridge of their nose from leading them in a halter, and understand it, so you just add the bridle to start taking the place of the halter. I've used this many many times with horses that have been hard in the mouth.

Get them soft off the nose, get them soft in the mouth. this doesn't work with all horses, but i've found with most.

Regarding your saddle? Take the stirrups and girth home with you. a little hard to use it if its only a seat!

anyway, watch what you say and what can be read by others, you need to be careful because people are quick to jump to legal action these days unfortunately.

good luck with Mox!


charliBum 01-22-2009 01:21 AM

thanks, yer im riding with a dressage whip now, we had just gotten to a point were the whip had been there for decoration, which sucks

but yer, i have been hacking and road riding with no schooling, and jumping which she loves, and making scary jumps that keeps her mind on other things

Pinto Pony 01-22-2009 09:43 AM

I like the suggestions above, something to consider also is giving her a bit of a break, maybe a month off, no riding just go out and spend time with her. Maybe a little trail in there if you must :) Sometimes coming back after a break and a fresh start Mocha might be in a better frame of mind. I do this with my boys, they are currently in the last of a three month break and I find when I come back they are in good spirits and more willing to work with me after a good break.
Another suggestion I have is to offer riding lessons to the little girl riding her. See if you can work with them together and correct her bad habits to make her a better rider. Nothing better than sharing the wealth and knowledge you have with a younger person!
I guess you will have to talk with the owner of the pony too regarding this cause she isn't yours. Good luck with her!

ShowJumpLife 01-23-2009 08:15 PM

Send her up to Aunty Looies ill fix her haha.. well i would but i dont ride standys lol.

I know you said shes argh at circles atm but i rekon leg yeilding and half pass on a circle might help her out, teach her to balance agian and she gets to do a circle but differnt.

With Chance I did that but in a huge paddock like 3 arenas wide so like a 60m circle and half pass in to as far as they can still balance and then leg yeild back out. it works to get them to yeil from pressure to the legs and teach them to balance themselfs, also helps stop rushing.

with her being dead to the legs when ever you use your legs use the same method, light leg use for 3 strides more pressure for 3 more strides and then crop untill she responds.

Andi 01-23-2009 08:44 PM

I've never had a horse like this, but if I was you I would probably do some kind of work she likes more. I would take her on trails maybe with another horse. That way she will want to keep up, and can get used to the idea that she has to keep moving forward, and that she won't be yanked in to mouth.

Also, maybe start doing a little lunging to voice commands, that way when you are in the saddle and reinforce with voice commands. She might not know what you want because she has mixed up what all the commands mean, and if I was that horse I would not want to work anymore either.

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