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JustDressageIt 01-21-2009 11:02 PM

Vote for your Favorite!
Okay, it's a long list, but please help me choose a showname for Denny. They are in no particular order. You can vote and/or post a comment :) (You CAN vote for multiple names)

Copper & Chrome

Copper Topped Dancer

Chrome Royale

Regal Legacy



Regal Denouement

Can’t Dupe Me

A Regal Legacy

Grey’s Duquette

He is a reg'd Thoroughbred gelding standing 16.2hh. He will be a dressage horse and hopefully will be my 3'6" hunter.
Here's his pedigree:

A couple pictures:

Got2Gallop 01-21-2009 11:06 PM

I like.......Copper & Chrome !!

SaddleUp158 01-21-2009 11:18 PM

I love the name Destined to Dance for a dressage horse!

free_sprtd 01-21-2009 11:23 PM

I picked a bunch lol Can't wait to see what you end up choosing!

mlkarel2010 01-22-2009 12:08 AM

I like Destined to Dance or Regal Legacy...

Maybe Denouement, but a student teacher ruined that word for me and my entire class pronounces it Duh-now-meant... it's so much cooler pronounced the right way. Sorry, random, but I'm done

JustDressageIt 01-22-2009 12:27 AM

Great votes and comments everyone! Keep 'em coming!

lizzie_magic 01-22-2009 02:01 AM

I love destined to dance!

Moxie 01-22-2009 09:42 AM

Does Denny have much chrome?

wild_spot 01-22-2009 05:36 PM

I love Denali!

Jubilee Rose 01-22-2009 05:52 PM

I chose Destined to Dance, but I also love Denoument or Can't Dupe Me.

Good luck in choosing!

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