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kjcoble2678 06-13-2013 11:00 PM

Copper Twisted Wire Snaffle to a Correction Bit??

I am in need of some advice/guidance for initiating my horse from the twisted wire snaffle to this correction Bit Reinsman Circle R Correction Bit, CR755 - Tractor Supply Online Store.

Today was the first time I put the bit in her mouth. I didn't ride or lunge her, I just wanted to give her a idea of it first, then tomorrow do a small ride and so on and so on.

My question is,,,,with today being the first time in her mouth,, she played with it alot as well as acted like she couldn't close her mouth at all, but I did see an automatic lowering of her head with it. I don't know if that is a good thing or what.

The problem I am having with her is that when asking her for the jog, she throws her head up and goes faster than what I want, so then I do smaller circles till she slows but she isn't slowing, she is stopping too a walk. I still keep leg on her but use the circles to slow her and then what I planned on doing was leaving her out of the circles to job as a reward. She also gets what I call a little nervous when at shows, so I also got some quietex too see if that also helps calm her a little. It all looks like it has natural ingrediants in it. She works well off of my leg in the round pen, and I guess still does too a point up in the larger ring, however not as good. I bought the bit too see if it would help get her collected a bit more and to help keep her head down. I have very light hands as is and am doing WP so a long rein is desired.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am doing a show this weekend, however plan on signing up for beginner classes due too my 11 yr old mare and our training issues.

Muppetgirl 06-13-2013 11:14 PM

No. You are making a big big jump up in bits. A horse is trained up into that bit, you don't train your horse down to it. You need to work on getting your horse soft in the bit you're already using before you go up a degree. But the correction bit you've chosen is advanced, I'd be more inclined to get your horse upright and going straight and soft in the snaffle first, then when she is rounding and off your hands in it I'd move up to an argentine dog bone snaffle (silly name, it's not a snaffle).

You need to use a load more leg and way less hands. Squeeze get forward motion, hold your reins steady, don't pull on her face, squeeze until you feel her back round and she gets off your hands, just soon as you feel her come 'up' gently release (her reward) and lower the reins......rinse and repeat.

Ps. It's ok if she speeds up, that's energy, you need to relax and hold, the more you squeeze the more she will round and 'shorten her wheelbase' and slow down, don't react to that increase in tempo with your hands, squeeze with your legs and if she ignores your legs roll with your spur to get her off your legs when you ask.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 06-13-2013 11:17 PM

For training, I'd put a caveson on her so she can't gape her mouth, not real tight, just tight enough to keep her mostly closed. Because of the difference in feel and materials, she's going to try to play with it for a while, but I'd only let her do that if she was bitted up and standing in her stall. No reins, no caveson, no saddle, just the headstall and bit, for like 30 mins 2X/day. She'll get used to it quickly that way.

When lunging, I'd tack her up and tie her head to one side or the other, NOT real tight just mostly tipped in, so that when she lunges she can drop her nose and give herself relief from the bit by getting her nose vertical instead of out in front. Lunge 5-10 mins left, then switch sides and do the same to the right. I wouldn't try to ride her until you see that she's dropping her nose and teaching herself that relief is when she's vertical and not fighting or trying to evade the bit. Once she's taught herself how to get relief on each side, then you can tie the reins on both sides so that she's straight and has pressure if she tries to raise her head. Then lunge her until she gets it with the reins on both sides. I usually take a couple of weeks to "put a face" on a horse, not a rushed thing.

Once you get on her, jog her in small circles and work your way out to a large circle without picking up speed. If she tries to speed up, go back to the small circle until she slows and then move slowly out to a larger circle again. You just have to do it til she gets it.

I forgot to mention, I'd start all that in a snaffle, not a twisted wire btw that's a horrible, harsh bit, and once she gets it in a snaffle, progress to a correction bit. I prefer this correction bit, it's very kind: Robart

spurstop 06-14-2013 11:18 PM

Do you have a trainer you can work with?

Boo Walker 07-13-2013 11:53 AM

A correction bit won't give you a true collected horse. You'll just get the cranked down front-heavy version.

jaydee 07-13-2013 12:06 PM

I'm confused
You don't use a bit to pull your horse into collection
Any sort of collection involves riding a horse from behind into a light resisting hand - if the horse is backing off from a bit that's too harsh for it then all you're going to end up with is it being behind the bit - the very opposite of collection
A horse that's behind the bit can become really hard to control
Its best to start a horse in the mildest bit possible - I will usually have them in a bitless or headcollar (halter) to start with so they learn to go forwards and lunge in really loose side reins so they get the feel of resistence

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