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sunsetv 01-22-2009 10:19 PM

Transport Needed>>>
Hello everyone. I just joined and am in desperate need of someone to help me transport my mare from AL to SC. Not sure where to put this so I put it here, but please I really need help here. If you can help please either post or pm me

sunsetv 01-25-2009 12:32 AM

Anyone? I have an artist that is willing to draw whomever helps a free piece of art.

CheyAut 01-25-2009 01:07 AM

I can recomend some haulers for you, but from your second post it sounds as if you want a free ride?
But if I took that wrong, I like and Home

sunsetv 01-26-2009 10:38 PM

I don't want a free ride, but I can't afford to pay $500. I can pay like 2-3 hundred

NewHeart 01-26-2009 11:18 PM

Realistically, it is going to cost you more than that to haul a horse that far with gas and diesel fuel being the way they are, plus the cost of the haulers time. Where are you keeping your horse now? Is there anyone in your area or perhaps stable (if you board) that would be willing to take the drive?

sunsetv 01-26-2009 11:32 PM

She is at my grandparent's horse and is not being well cared for. I am going to board her at a local stable, but the stable manager has a full schedule so she can't make the trip. I am looking in my area for people.

CheyAut 01-28-2009 12:02 AM

How far (miles) is it? There are several haulers who charge $0.50 per mile. You can try and post your request, then haulers will bid (lower vs higher) on your trip. You can check out references to make sure you get a reputable/good hauler.

sunsetv 01-28-2009 11:52 AM

I did, but I decided to not get her for now, because things have flared. I am however getting a beautiful palomino mare

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