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garlicbunny 06-14-2013 08:02 AM

QH people..what brand and model saddle do you use?
On the search for a saddle that fits our wide backed and a bit downhill QH mare. Our Crates just is not fitting her properly..tad wide in front (full quarter bars) and is too narrow (lots of shifting) in the back. Have tried a Circle Y wide on her and is even wider and too long over the back. Please let me know what brand and models you use. Thanks so much!

CLaPorte432 06-14-2013 08:05 AM

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i have 3 billy cook full quarter horse...7 inch gullet... saddles.

i use a impact gel saddle pad underneath and have never had problems with fitting my horses. i have one quarter horse, 2 paints, a curly and a curly mustang cross, all are built stocky and thick on muscle.
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RaiRaiNY 06-14-2013 08:23 AM

I have a Simco trail saddle, it's fairly basic, and not crazy expensive.'s super comfortable, not too heavy (27 pounds), and fits almost every horse I've put it on. When I say every horse, I mean from a qh, to a warmblood cross, to a shire, lol. It's fqhb, and I love it.

KennyRogersPaints 06-14-2013 08:32 AM

Have you tried a flex tree? I'm not crazy about them, but they are good for hard to fit horses without getting into custom saddles.
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SouthernTrails 06-14-2013 09:19 AM


I would suggest getting a set of Steele Tree's Fitting Forms from one of their dealers, using these set of forms you can find the best fit for your particular hard to fit Horse.

Steele provides Trees for 100's of popular off the shelf Saddles and custom makers.

Steele Saddle Tree LLC - Fit To The Horse


laurapratt01 06-14-2013 09:20 AM

I have a Dakota Barrel Saddle with FQHB (7 1/2" gullet). It took me forever to find a saddle to fit my QH but this one does the trick. He has a lot of shoulder to get around and that was my main problem fitting him, so he might be built different than yours. I love Dakotas though. Great quality for an even better price! I've been looking at the roping saddle tempting :) Good luck on your saddle hunt!

Saddlebag 06-14-2013 09:39 AM

Look for something with flatter bar angles. FQH are 7" whereas 6.5 might do the trick.

Slave2Ponies 06-14-2013 09:57 AM

I have a QH mare that is very wide and a bit downhill also. I got a cheap Corriente saddle ($700) to use while I saved up for a custom saddle, but Bee and I were so happy with it that we just kept it. It is a heavy monster though. I've had it 2 years and it works well for us.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 06-14-2013 10:00 AM

So far my Dale Chavez has fit everything I've put it on from an Arab to a QH to a Saddlebred cross.

garlicbunny 06-14-2013 04:18 PM

Thank you all so much for your input, it has helped a lot or at least I hope it will! Southern Trails I had actually thought of getting a set of trees but had forgotten about it. Saddle bag, when I read your post it was like an "ah ha" moment. That makes total sense except I might wonder if the front might be too narrow?
I have written down every saddle mentioned in your posts, thank you and keep em comin...

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